5Starr Enterprise CEO Kendrick Tilghman Announces IT Support to Small Businesses

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 14, 2021 / 5Starr Enterprise announces to help adults and new small businesses by giving them IT support. 5Starr Enterprise was founded by Kendrick Tilghman to bring new light to the field of STEM.

5Starr Enterprise was launched by Kendrick to introduce DJin in mathematics. By combining music with math, DJin is a new product that facilitates education in STEM. The company combined both DJin and STEM to create a new product that the world has never imagined before.

The owner of 5Starr Enterprise, Kendrick, is a STEM DJ who has been working in the field for many years. As a young aspiring student, Kendrick wanted to bring innovation to STEM. He took inspiration from his grandfather who has been an entrepreneur himself. He pursued his studies in STEM as an electrical engineer while performing as a DJ. He, as a DJ, performed at different events like fundraisers, health fairs, conferences, spiritual and educational events. All of this experience led to creating the business model of 5Starr Enterprise.

5Starr Enterprise strives to bring new innovation to the business as well as the IT world. The company was started by promoting edutainment workshops, then an introduction to a teacher's unit plan, the exhibits for STEM fairs, then finally as an educational resource for in-person learning. Kendrick's aim for launching his business is to create an extended learning space.

5Starr Enterprise is the result of Kendrick's passion for music and math, the company aims to put something out that could help adults to learn IT by enjoying it through music. To bring IT to the students, teachers, business owners, and every other person who might need the information by making it more accessible and understandable for a layman.

For the school students k-20, 5Starr Enterprise provides Educational Services. The company believes that helping in IT from a young age can be beneficial for society.

Recently, 5Starr Enterprise released a product called ‘math thru music' that teaches DJin using mathematical principles to young students who are interested in STEM and music. Another product that has been originally and uniquely made by the company is 'JayD', this product is a coding kit for DJin.

5Starr Enterprise has always been a community supporter, they have launched Media Masters to promote community engagement to educate. The company has signed contracts with seven recreation centers.

The unique model of 5Starr Enterprise impressed many school systems and they sold 100k worth of ‘math thru music' kits. A more electrical-based product released by the company was an air purification system in a lightbulb called 'Purelight'.

5Starr Enterprise aims to pursue the innovative ideas of the unique business model of DJin by mixing with STEM. Kendrick at 5Starr Enterprise wants to employ 3000 employees to work towards the company's goals and objectives.

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