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6 charts to help you navigate this market

Real Vision TV
Real Vision TV

We are truly living in unusual times. When the POTUS is spending half his time tweeting about the stock market, something doesn’t add up. Navigating financial markets have never been more precarious and hazardous for your wealth.

How do you spot a market top? Is risk being mis-priced? What is the greatest macro opportunity of the next decade? All of that and much more in this Killer Chart deck from Real Vision Publications.

Real Vision Publications has leveraged its network of the smartest financial contributors to bring you 26 handpicked charts helping you navigate these financial waters. We get to hear from Peter Brandt, Jesse Felder, SentimenTrader, Tommy Thornton, Raoul Pal, Eric Pomboy, Grant Williams and many more.

Below are six to get you started.

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Incrementum highlight that the GSCI commodity index vs the S&P is the cheapest it’s been in 50 years. Reversion to the mean suggests a multi-year outperformance of commodities vs stocks.

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CrossBorder’s proprietary work shows that when liquidity conditions contract, this has historically led moves in FX. This suggests USD has another 5 to 10% to fall. US trade-weighted exchange rate (DXY) and private-sector less central bank liquidity (Forex Risk Index), advanced 12 months.

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Harald Malmgren points out how global trade drove world GDP until the GFC. While the mainstream narrative is that global trade will bounce back, Harald takes the other side. Expect global demand from Europe and Asia to weaken and the US’s recent disappointingly low growth path to continue, says Harald.

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GMI on US recession risk watch. Major stocks such as GE (the third largest manufacturing firm in the US) are not playing the game and have broken down, usually the sign of an impending recession.

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Hedge Fund Telemetry make a living out of market timing. The stars have aligned: DeMark counts, seasonality, and sentiment suggest the S&P is about to fall.

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Grayscale highlight the powerful positive impact on performance of having exposure to digital currencies in a portfolio. The genie is out the bottle on digital currencies; they are here to stay. Time you got up to speed.

Financial markets are a sensory overload of information and noise. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Real Vision Publications distills what is relevant and how you can get ahead.

This chart pack will be sure to get you thinking in a whole new direction.

They say a picture speaks 1,000 words, what is a chart worth?

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