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6 Edible Wedding Favors To Give Your Guests

SMP Contributor

Favors are the cherry on top of a perfect wedding day. There are so many different things to choose from, but many brides are ditching monogrammed trinkets altogether and opting for personalized food items instead.

If the idea of sending your guests home with gourmet chocolate chip cookies or a basket of french fries hasn't already convinced you to offer an edible favor, these next six ideas will.

A Cultural Ode

Having a destination wedding? Whether you chose the location because it has special meaning to you and your partner or simply because of its beautiful views, there's no better way to honor its cultural significance than with a small token for your guests to take home. Consider gifting local red wine if your wedding is in Bordeaux, or small bottles of olive oil if it's in Tuscany—what better way to experience a new place than through food?

Late-Night Fast Food

If your significant other took you a local barbecue joint for your first date, midnight pulled pork might be the perfect ode to the start of your relationship together. Or maybe you bonded over your love of 1950s-style diners—perfect! Serve guests milkshakes and french fries before the night is over. Providing a comfort food to your friends and family after hours of celebratory drinking will be both welcomed and thoroughly appreciated!

A Delicious Treat

It's no secret that weddings are traditionally filled with sweet treats, but how often do you hear of guests attending a wedding and not even discovering the candy bar or ice cream that's being passed until they're on their way out? Handing out gifted desserts will ensure that every loved one gets a taste of something truly delicious! Consider an unexpected treat—like cannoli or cheesecake truffles—to make your wedding one to remember!

Cherished Family Recipes

Include the seasoned chef in your family by asking them to whip up that delicious family recipe they're known for. Does your Aunt Shirley create the most mouthwatering snickerdoodles the world has ever seen? Ask if she would consider baking a huge batch as a wedding present to you and your fiancé, then purchase packaging materials for an easy (and cheap!) DIY. This is a great way to ensure that your wedding favors will be absolutely delicious—without breaking your budget.

A Quick Snack

Sometimes, the best food is the easiest! Treat your guests to something they can snack on in the taxi while they're heading back to their hotel. Consider bags of popped popcorn (buttered, kettle, or caramel), gourmet pretzels, or chocolate-covered almonds.

Something Sweet

This one is for those guests whose sweet tooth isn't quite satisfied by that slice of wedding cake. Jars of fancy honey, hot fudge, or marmalades are always a fun option. Thick and decadent, even a few ounces of these treats will be enough to last them a while—which makes them the perfect wedding favor!

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Morgan Chamberlain is a freelance writer and social media consultant for wedding vendors in New England. She believes weddings are all about sentimental details, cohesive décor, and a well-chosen playlist to keep the party going!