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6 Halloween Beauty Ideas That Don't Need a Costume

Michelle Li

Here's a scenario we're all too familiar with: It's the week before Halloween and you don't have the energy to conjure up an elaborate, spooky costume. It's an investment to buy a full-on look that won't have much lasting power post-Halloween, so this year we're relying on everyday makeup to get our point across. A little goes a long way here. You may even already have the tools you need to get the desired look, or the palette you need is just a Sephora or Target run away. The best thing about letting your make-up do the heavy lifting when it comes to Halloween costumes is that after the trick-or-treating is over, you can still use the products afterward.

We would probably wear most of these looks regardless of Halloween, but sometimes you need a little push to get the creative juices rolling on fun makeup looks. Tone it down (or not) for daily wear, realize you actually have a use for white eyeliner, and start applying that pigment in your eyeshadow palette that you've always wanted to try! 'Tis the season to get wild with it.

Scroll for six creative looks we're attempting to try this Halloween!

1. '70s Sweetie

Take it back to the '70s in an unexpected way this year with a perfect mix of groovy florals and star stickers. Extra points for dyeing your hair and cutting it into an appropriate bob.

Claropsyche Star Jar

10.00, Claropsyche


Unframe Eye Opening Liner

16.00, Unframe


2. Hot Wheels Guy Fieri

Flame-print Hawaiian shirt not included, but strongly encouraged. This is a look that you can wear to the office and show off your makeup artistry.

Fenty Beauty Baeside Vivid Liquid Eyeliner

24.00, Fenty Beauty


Sugarpill Love+ Pressed Eyeshadow

13.00, Sugarpill


3. IRL Rainbow Filter

An Instagram filter in real time. People will be wondering who they need to follow to get it and that person is you.

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lipgloss

28.00, Sephora


Colourpop Rainbow Road Shadow Set

20.00, Colourpop


4. Bedazzled Grover

Sesame Street just got a lot more grown up and chic. Halloween is the ultimate excuse to pile on the gems and be shameless about sparkles.

Sumaju Rhinestone Sticker Gems

6.99.00, Amazon


Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette

60.00, Anastasia Beverly Hills


5. Your Middle School Lisa Frank Binder

A unicorn might be too obvious, so go for a subtle, but not too subtle, Lisa Frank–inspired look. Clouds and sparkles are a requirement.

Lime Crime Venus Palette

19.00, Lime Crime


NYX Slim Eye Pencil

4.5.00, NYX


6. Subtle Darth Maul

Star Wars fan but don't want to invest in a lightsaber and robe? Let your eye(lids) do the talking and channel our OG favorite villain, Darth Maul.

Ohii True Matte Lipstick

4.99.00, Urban Outfitters


Hipdot Napa Palette

30.00, Hipdot


Originally Appeared on Teen Vogue