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6 movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

Chris Smith

We’ve got a bunch of new movies set to premiere next week, including Long Shot, UglyDolls, and The Intruder, which are all going to fail miserably at displacing Avengers: Endgame from the top spot at the box office. In fact, they’ll have a hard time making any money at all, as Avengers 4 remains the only must-see film in theaters for the time being. When it comes to fresh trailers though, we do have a bunch of new clips for you, including that Sonic the Hedgehog trailer that sent everyone on the internet scrambling to pour bleach into their eyes.

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It’s bad enough that they have to deal with a category 5 hurricane in Crawl, but they have to do it while battling alligators. Because being trapped underwater with alligators is at least as scary as being trapped in a tornado with sharks.

Good Sam

Netflix’s Good Sam is a light comedy about people being good to each other. In this particular case, we’re following a reporter on a quest to find out the identity of the mysterious person who has been donating $100,000 to perfect strangers.

Late Night

The first female talk show host on a major network has a major problem: she needs to add a female writer to her team of white dudes in order to save her job. Emma Thompson plays the host and Mindy Kaling plays the writer in question. Late Night launches on June 7th.

Murder Mystery

I’ve never thought I’d say this, but here’s a Sandler+Aniston movie that I think I might actually watch. It’s a Netflix film set to debut on June 14th, and it’s called Murder Mystery. It’s sort of like Murder on the Orient Express, but obviously far less serious. Plus, it’s on a boat, and then all over the place. Watch the trailer… you’ll get a sense of what’s going to happen.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Nope. Nope. Nope. Even after they fix Sonic — and it will be interesting to see what that ends up entailing — I’m still not going to watch it. I’ve got plans that day (that’s November 8th, if you were wondering). And what’s the deal with that song choice for the trailer, anyway?

The Sun is Also a Star

Launching on May 17th, The Sun Is Also a Star is a teenage love story with a focus on Natasha (Yara Shahidi), who’s going through a difficult time with her family.

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