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6 Noteworthy Trends to Watch If Careers & Work Life Balance Resonate with Your Readers

DETROIT, Jan. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As we enter 2017, workplace trends are emerging that will have significant ramifications for employers and job seekers alike, says AllisonTaylor.com.

A key theme is employee demand for a more flexible working environment that will allow greater latitude for a "work/life balance".  Employers wishing to attract – and retain – new talent will need to be mindful of this general trend, as well as the need to utilize newer, non-traditional tools such as instant messaging, people analytics, etc.  Another key trend: reference checks will be vetted differently than in the past, with supervisory references gaining increasing prominence.

Some specific trends we expect to see for 2017 include: (to see the full story, click here)

1. Workplace well-being becomes critical for attracting new talent. While compensation pay has traditionally been a leading prerequisite for all job seekers, a desire for workplace flexibility has risen dramatically in importance. Yet, it is estimated that only a third of global corporations offer such flexibility. Of those that do offer at least some degree of workplace flexibility, many are not promoting this benefit to job seekers who increasingly spend more time researching companies before applying for new employment.

This suggests a considerable opportunity for companies to not only increase their degree of workplace flexibility, but to market this benefit more aggressively to prospective new employees.

There are several components to overall work flex, which include:

  • Working from the home, facilitated using new technological tools
  • Elimination of strict office hours
  • Adoption of "casual days" with reduced formal business attire

2. New Internal Communications Tools Replace Email.  As highly tech-savvy employees enter the marketplace, businesses will utilize more efficient internal communication tools such as text messaging, live chat and instant messaging, which will increasingly replace traditional emails.

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