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6 Remarkable Examples of the Power of Film Photography (NSFW)

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Thankfully, film photography still holds its place in the world. Some shoot film because they’re hipsters, while others do it because they feel deeply about the science behind it and the aesthetic it produces. Shooting film isn’t easy; most people fail to get to right. But for those who nail it, the results can be spectacular. Naturally, we’ve featured many of the wins. And below is some film photography you’ll enjoy by photographers who love their film cameras.

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Cameras Used For Film Photography

The Film Photography of Sharon Harris Has a Cool Story

Sharon Harris makes cool photographs with her pinhole cameras. What’s even more impressive is that she makes the cameras herself, right in the comfort of her own home. She’s a manufacturer and a creative, and she aces both disciplines. On why she loves pinhole cameras, she told The Phoblographer in a recent interview, “I find it seductive that a pinhole camera has no viewfinder.” Her work is magnificent, quirky, and fun. Take a look at it here.

The Film Photography of Cyrus Arnieri Looks at Queer Liberation

The LGBTQ community seems to be at the forefront of society’s conversations. Sadly, the community still faces discrimination on a daily basis. That’s why the community comes together to celebrate their freedom, push for their liberation, and demand to be accepted. Society is a lot more inclusive than we were in the past, but there’s still work to do. This series by Cyrus Arnieri gives us hope for an even bright future. Take a look here.

Titus Popławski Creates Dreamy Film Photography

Titus Popławski has been a highlight of 2021. His work immediately had us in awe and we knew we had to speak to him. Thankfully, he agreed to an interview and did a deep dive into his creative process. His photographs are a dream come true and amplify the creative power one has with a film camera. It was a popular feature, and the images had people asking, “How does he do it?” You can find out more here.

Artur Lahoz Film Photography Connect Him to True Love

Brazilian photographer Artue Lahoz loves spending his weekends making film photography with his Nikon FM. He’s a huge fan of astrophotography, a genre that takes time and patience. Through his dedication and skill, he makes these wonderful, marble-like images that combine the universe and his favorite people. That’s right, they’re double exposures, and he’s nailing this technique. Take a look here.

Rob Walwyn Documents the Australian Bushfires

Between 2019-20, 80 percent of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales were destroyed by wildfires. It took 240 days to contain the fires, an event that was catastrophic for the region. Film photographer Rob Walwyn was there to document the aftermath of the fires with rare Aerochrome film. “One of the biggest emotions I felt at this time was frustration with the lack of action being taken to address climate change,” he told The Phoblographer in a recent interview. You can read more about it here.

Fabrice Ducouret Combines Cars and Flowers

Photo by Fabrice Ducouret. Made without Photoshop.
Photo by Fabrice Ducouret. Made without Photoshop.

Fabrice Ducouret is a french photographer with a love for film photography. “I love experimenting with film photography more than anything in the world,” he told us. For his photography submission, he sent in his double-exposure series. Combining classic cars with beautiful flowers, he evidenced how you can make compelling photographs without spending hours in the editing room. You can take a look here.

Send us Your Film Photography

As you can see, we love film photography. Of course, we want to see more. So if you have some great work, use the form below to send it to us. Also, if there’s a film photographer you think we should know about, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Lead image by Titus Popławski. All images used with permission.

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