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This $600K modified Ford F-550 is the ultimate camper vehicle

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Top Gear
 America host William Fichtner took the rough out of roughing it when he rented a 2017 XV-LTS by EarthRoamer for some camping. Built on the Ford F-550 chassis, this beast has a 6.7-liter diesel engine and a pleasant surprise.

Fichtner said, “It’s hard to believe that a beast like this could actually be environmentally friendly, but with an array of solar panels, multiple alternators to drive the added electronics, and huge battery banks, this beauty is a friendly beast.”

According to the EarthRoamer vehicle’s webpage, the XV-LTS has a 12,000-watt-hour battery bank. This means the vehicle has no need to run a traditional fuel-based generator.

The XV-LTS that was featured on the show was extremely well appointed inside. For a mere $3,000 a weekend, you can rent this vehicle with features like wood cabinets, granite countertops, a bathroom with shower, and a king-size bed. Fichtner said it even came with 800-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

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