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7 Animal Cams to Drive You Wild

Rob Walker
Tech Columnist
Yahoo Tech

Want to bring a little wildlife into a horrifyingly unnatural, windowless work environment? Well, your choices are — pretty much any kind of animal you can think of.

Here are a mere smattering of cammed animals to get you started on your virtual safari.

1. Pandas!

Sure, I’m starting with the obvious. This Panda Cam is courtesy of Camzone.

2. Penguins!
Live penguin cams, courtesy of the California Academy of Sciences. (Thanks: Rafe!)

3. Parakeets!

Animal Planet offers a Noah’s Ark-ful of animal cams, including this one.

4. Otters!

Sea Otter Cam, Courtesy of Monterey Bay Aquarium. (Thanks: Alyssa.)

5. Wolves!
Wolfcams courtesy of International Wolf Center.

6. Sharks!

Also from Animal Planet.

7. Roaches!

OK, maybe this one requires an explanation. The cockroach isn’t my favorite animal, but Cockroach Cam is easily my favorite animal-cam: Here, these widely demonized creatures crawl around what appears to be a tiny kitchen purpose-built for their creepy pleasure.

And as a completely bizarre bonus, a miniature TV screen on the wall broadcasts “Roach-O-Vision” movies, such as a 1965 soccer newsreel.

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