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7 Japanese Investments by Michael Burry

Michael Burry, of "The Big Short" fame, is really making a splash in the media with stories about him swirling around recently. That's after years of hiding since he made a killing in the financial crisis of 2008.

Burry is currently heavily betting on Japan. He revealed seven of his picks to Bloomberg, which I've listed below. I've also added essential fundamental data. I have to warn you: Their websites haven't been updated since Japan's great bubble.

Tazmo Co.

Tazmo (TSE:6266) makes and services SOG and LCD color filter coaters. Its products relate to the chip industry. The website, in English, can be found here. Tazmo USA's office is located in Fremont, California. It trades around 1.1x book and at 7.5x earnings.

Yotai Refractories Co.

Yotai (TSE:5357) utilizes ceramic technology to provide a number of different products, targeting different markets, that are fire-resistant. It trades at 0.4x book value and 3.3x earnings according to GuruFocus data. According to Burry it holds a third of its market cap in cash.

Sansei Technologies Inc.

Sansei (TSE:6307) is a manufacturer of elevators, moving stage platforms and theme-park amusement rides. Burry would like to see it pay down debt and do acquisitions. Management teams tend to like that. The company trades just above 0.5x book value and a price-earnings ratio of 7x.

Tosei Corp.

Tosei (TSE:8923) is a real estate management and real estate developer. It trades at 7.5x earnings and 1.1x book value.

Kanamoto Co.

Kanamoto (TSE:9678) is in the construction equipment rental business. It trades at 8.2x earnings and 0.8x book value. Burry likes the credit management and maintenance operations that keep its equipment in splendid condition. Burry also likes that it deploys capital through buying equipment and whole companies.

Altech Corp.

On Altech's (TSE:9972) website, it says the company is engaged in the import and sale of printing and packaging machinery. According to Burry, it provides for-hire mechanics and engineers. By the looks of the websites, Burry's information is likely more up-to-date. The company trades at 11x earnings and 2.7x book value.

Nippon Pillar Packaging Co.

Nippon Pillar (TSE:6490) makes mechanical seals, gaskets and packaging materials. Burry believes this company will start growing as an oversaturated market is purged of tech components. The company trades at 8.4x earnings and 0.61x book value.

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This article first appeared on GuruFocus.