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7 Most Affordable Cars for Boomers in 2024

Almost anyone shopping for a new car puts “reliability” above all other considerations. But reliability means different things to different buyers, oftentimes being dependent on their age.

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Individuals experience changes in vision, flexibility, strength and range of motion as they age, and these can affect everything they do, including driving. It’s important to choose a vehicle that will help optimize your driving performance, increase your safety and keep you comfortable whatever your age.

According to AAA, while value — “total cost of ownership including price, operating and maintenance costs, reliability, fuel economy, and resale value” — is critical to boomers on fixed incomes, safety, ergonomic and comfort details are just as important.

As Nigel Tunnacliffe, co-founder and CEO of Coastline Academy driving school, told GOBankingRates back in January: “For many baby boomers, effective and intuitive safety features, strong fuel economy and durability are among the most desired features, as they are more likely to invest in a car that will serve them for many years to come.”

As one gets older, things like lane assist, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, collision warning systems, blind-spot monitoring and parking assistance take precedence over stylish design, storage room and tech features.

High-end brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo pride themselves on reliability and safety as much as less “prestigious” builders, but many are often priced outside boomers’ budgets. Meanwhile, choosing the cheapest model on the market won’t provide confidence on the road when safety’s on your mind.

Here are seven of the most affordable, and reliable, rides for 2024, all priced under $30,000.

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7 Most Affordable Cars for Boomers in 2024

7. Hyundai Elantra

  • Base Price MSRP: $21,625

Affordable and durable, the Elantra might have an uninspired base engine, but it makes up for it with high fuel economy, attractive technology and a comfortable interior.

6. Honda CR-V

  • Base Price MSRP: $29,500

You’ll pay more for the CR-V than the others listed here, but if you’re a boomer that loves the idea of driving a compact SUV with style, great visibility, a comfortable cabin and a wide range of Honda Sensing safety features, it might be worth a few dollars more.

5. Kia Soul

  • Base Price MSRP: $20,190

With a base price just a hair over $20,000, Kia’s fun, boxy Soul is one of the best small SUVs out there. The Soul has a spacious cabin and a great driver assist system, including lane keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control.

4. Toyota Corolla

  • Base Price MSRP: $22,050

While Car and Driver bemoaned the Corolla’s lack of excitement (the review reads “snooze-worthy driving dynamics”), the sedan is ultra-dependable and boasts a ton of standard driver-assistance technology — including automatic high beams and road sign assist.

3. Subaru Legacy

  • Base Price MSRP: $24,895

All Subarus are known for their reliability and user-friendly design, but the Legacy is a popular choice for boomers who want a secure and easy-to-maneuver car. “Subaru EyeSight safety tech is standard across the range, with options such as a blind-spot monitor, rear-cross traffic alert, and lane change assist to reduce the chances of a fender-bender,” CarBuzz indicated.

2. Honda Accord

  • Base Price MSRP: $27,895

With improved tech features, including the ability to set temperature with voice commands, you won’t have to take your eyes off the road when driving this reliable and affordable midsize sedan.

1. Toyota Camry

  • Base Price MSRP: $26,420

The Camry is simply one of the most reliable cars on the market. It’s a great choice for boomers who will appreciate standard tech-focused features, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, blind spot warning and rear cross traffic warning.

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