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7 People Making Bank on the Same Apps You Use Every Day

Can you really get famous — or at least micro-famous — just by being really good at an app that millions of people use?

Well, I don’t know if you can, but these people did:

 1. Snapchat: ChrisCarm



My look at the meaning of app fame mentioned Snapchat star Shaun McBride (Shonduras on Snapchat; “a true artist,” according to TechCrunch).

But he’s obviously not the only game in town. Chris Carmichael, for example, uses graphics to enhance the action in the stills and short video clips he assembles to tell multipart “stories” on Snapchat — cataloging them on a Tumblr.

2. Snapchat: dabttll


A few examples from dbatsnap.com.

Another Snapchatter, Dasha Battelle, makes some pretty cool work on this ephemeral medium. Evidently her work caught the attention of Mashable, which hired her.

3. Snapchat: mplatco



Time also points out this McBride collaborator, Mike Platco, who Snapchats “for brands and just for the heck of it,” and whose Tumblr announces (presumably with a wink) that he is the “Van Gogh of Snapchat.” Above: Snaps from a mini-campaign for GrubHub.

4. Vine: jeromejarre, Snapchat: jeromejarre


Jerome Jarre has 6.7 million followers on Vineand more than a million followers on Snapchat! His Vines, like many of the most popular creations on the service, tend toward brashly silly humor. But Jarre seems fairly serious about this form of fame: He’s the co-founder of an agency called GrapeStory that connects brands with social media stars.

5. Vine: MeaganCignoli

(Meagan Cignoli)

(Warners Bras)

Meagan Cignoli makes pleasing stop-motion Vines. That’s led to creating Vines for brands such as Warner Bras (above), among others.

6. Instagram: bridif


Here’s an Instagram attributed to “Honda,” a client of Mobile Media Lab, the Instagram/branding agency co-founded by Brian DiFeo.


And here’s one from bridif’s account. Good boy!

Brian DiFeo has about 122,000 followers on Instagram. That’s a big number, but hardly a mind-blowing one by Instagram-star standards.

However, he also happens to be a co-founder of The Mobile Media Lab, a creative agency set up specifically to help brands use Instagram and/or work with major Instagrammers. (According to the firm’s site, he “pioneered the term ‘influential Instagrammer,’ ” a claim that sounds interesting, even if it is difficult to parse.)

7. Instagram: @newyorkcity


An image attributed to a Nike campaign. (Laundry Service: Cycle)


An Instagram from the @newyorkcity account.

Liz Eswein has more than 1.2 million Instagram followers (and perhaps one of the best handles in all of social media). She’s quite good!

She’s also done work with brands from Delta to T-Mobile. And: She is executive director of Laundry Service: Cycle: a “network of 800+ Instagrammers, each with 50K-2M followers” that “provides a scalable Instagram solution for brands and agencies.”

Could such a thing happen around Snapchat, too? I’m guessing that by now the more popular Snapchatters can already picture it.

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