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7 Supercars that Look Gorgeous in Yellow

Jeff Perez

I think yellow is underrated. It’s a bit more brash and bold than black or white or silver. And while it might not carry the weight of Ferrari Red or McLaren Orange, Equipe Nationale Belge flew the color on its racing Jags, Connaughts and even a car of its own construction in the 1962 German Grand Prix. So, a lot of cars can wear it, and wear it well.

Here’s seven of our favorite supercars sporting the sunflower look:

Hennessey Venom GT


The Hennessey Venom GT is insane. In fact, most of what Texas tuner Hennessey does is insane. But the $1.1M, 1,200-hp Venom looks drop dead gorgeous in the gold stuff.

SRT Viper

srt-viper-gts (3)

There’s no denying that the new and improved Viper is an instant classic. The monstrous 640-hp V10, the classic body lines, and of course, the yellow paint job. We prefer ours with black racing stripes, thank you very much.

Lamborghini Murcielago SV


The Lamborghini Murcielago SV is hands down one of this writer’s favorite Lambos of all time. Other than the fact it was pretty in every sense of the word, the 670-hp raging bull really knew its way around a track. And what better way to conquer said track than with a flashy yellow suit and a spoiler that goes on for days.

Saleen S5S Raptor

Saleen S5S Raptor

It’s unfortunate really that the Saleen S5S Raptor never made it to the production line. It easily could have gone down as one of the most handsome supercars ever imagined. But amidst a few financial and naming struggles with the brand, it sat as a gorgeous yellow reminder of just what could have been.

Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA

Everyone’s favorite Lexus hit the market back in 2010 and was almost immediately thrust into our frontal lobes sporting the yellow stuff. And for good reason, it looked absolutely epic. The bright yellow paint job, the 4.8-liter V10 and the overall look kept Lexus out of the boring column for eons to come.

Lamborghini Miura


The Lamborghini Miura has claimed a place in history as one of the most beautiful Lamborghinis ever built. The long swooping lines and distinct front end made it a supercar lovers dream when it arrived in 1966. Since then, collectors drool over pristine examples of which most of them- yup, you guessed it, in yellow.

Ford GT

02-Ford GT

The one, the only, the Ford GT. When it hit the market back in 2005, it was every GT40 aficionado’s chance to finally own a version of their dream car. While the signature red with white racing stripes was a favorite, the impressive yellow and black getup of the original GT40 Concept was a sight to see in itself.

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