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7 Ways To Save Money with Mobile Technology

Monica Ricci



Isn’t money the hot topic on everyone’s mind right now? We’re all looking for tips, tricks and ideas to make more, save more, spend less and be smarter with our cash. If you’re interested in making your money grow and you believe the old adage “A penny saved is a penny earned,” today’s your lucky day. Here are five ways mobile technology can save you a pretty penny.

Daily Deal Apps

Get half off everything from restaurants, to personal services and everything in between using apps for saving money, such as LivingSocial, ScoutMob and Groupon. Be careful you don’t get tempted and spend money on things you don’t really need just because the prices are so great.

Information Please

Instead of racking up expensive directory assistance calls on your mobile phone, try a free service such as 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) for Google’s 411 service, powered by voice-recognition software. If you prefer speaking to a live person instead (and who doesn’t?) try 1-800-411-SAVE (1-800-411-7283). Both mobile services are free.

Loyalty Pays

I used to carry 18 loyalty cards on my keychain to be sure I got all the discounts and special pricing at grocery stores and my favorite retailers. Now you can keep all your loyalty cards virtually on your phone using apps such as KeyRing and CardStar. Just download the app, take a photo of the barcode on each loyalty card and you’re good to go.

Skip Late Fees and Penalties

Stay on top of your monthly bills and avoid late fees and penalties with the Manilla mobile app. Get email reminders, view and pay your bills and keep subscriptions up to date all with a single user name and password.

Compare Prices

Don’t you love knowing you when you get the best deal? I do! Price comparison apps such as GasBuddy, Amazon Price Check, RepairPal and Redlaser let you research prices on gas, Amazon products, car repairs and general retail items from wherever you are. In just moments you’ll see if you should buy now or wait and shop elsewhere for the best price.

Do Right By Your Leftovers

How many times have you bought fresh produce only to toss it in the garbage a week later? Have you ever brought a doggie bag home from a restaurant or saved dinner leftovers you cooked yourself and thrown them in the trash? It’s estimated that roughly one-third of all food produced worldwide ends up in the trash. How tragic. Save your grocery budget with the LoveFoodHateWaste app, which helps you learn how to use up those leftover items in your fridge so they don’t go to waste.   

Pinch Your Travel Pennies

We all enjoy traveling but it’s gotten expensive of late. Sign up for airfare alerts with mobile apps like Kayak and FareCompare to know when the airfare you want goes on sale and save on hotel rooms by booking last minute with the HotelTonight app. Once at your destination, let the FreeWifi app find you the closest free wireless Internet. After dinner, download the Tip ‘N Split app so you’ll only pay your portion of that fancy dinner you shared. It will even figure out the appropriate tip, too!

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