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7 Wedding Gift Ideas When The Registry is Picked Over

SMP Contributor

If you have a wedding coming up, you'll need to bring a gift to congratulate the happy couple. But if you click over to their registry and the only things left are bath mats and salad spinners, it can be a bit disheartening. There's nothing wrong with buying less-than-glamorous gifts; after all, the couple wouldn't have registered for them if they didn't want them. But if you're looking for a more out-of-the-box present, here are a few ideas.

Ether & Smith

A gift card to a new restaurant in their area.

It's the perfect set-up for a date night! Tuck a copy of their menu into a card and treat the bride and groom to the first of many dinners out together.'

Ruth Eileen

A cleaning service.

Particularly if the couple recently bought their first home, they'll enjoy having it scrubbed without having to put in the work. Purchase a once-a-month service for their first year of marriage so they can enjoy newlywed life in a sparkling home.

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Picture frames.

So many couples plan on framing and hanging their wedding photos...but before they know it, it's been three years and they still haven't gotten around to it. Grab some cute frames from Target or Anthropologie so that the couple can enjoy their wedding photos as soon as possible.

Food delivery.

Snag a subscription to Blue Apron or Hello Fresh for the newlyweds. They can enjoy making dinner together without the hassle of grocery shopping and meal planning. They can even select gluten-free or vegan meals if they have dietary concerns.

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Their wedding invitation.

The bride probably spent plenty of time, money, and energy finding beautiful wedding invitations. What better way to hold onto one as a keepsake than to have it framed? The bride and groom can display it in their new home and always remember their wedding day instead of keeping an invitation in a box of mementos stuffed under the bed.

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Seasonal decorations.

When you first get married, there are lots of holiday milestones to check off, and the couple may find themselves lacking in the decor department. Put together a box of Christmas lights, a springtime wreath, or some Thanksgiving placemats so that their first year of holiday celebrations can be done in style!

A cool map of the city they tied the knot in.

Whether it's their college city or the bride's home town, a framed map of the city where they'll say "I Do" will be a treasured piece of art.

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