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8 Affordable Home Décor Trends for 2023

KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images/iStockphoto
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Now that we’re closing out 2022 — a stressful year to say the least — many of us are looking to turn a new leaf at the place we love most: home.

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This means zooming in on décor. Many of us are wondering: What are some simple yet brilliant additions we can make to our domiciles to make them feel fresh and vibrant in 2023? How can we bring in new vibes and aesthetics without breaking the bank? This is most important given that inflation still runs amok.

Let’s have a peek at what’s hot in the world of home décor right now and how much it might cost you.


“Rattan is making a euphoric comeback,” said Jamie Penney, home improvement and outdoor design expert and CEO of The Backyard Pros. “Just a couple years ago, it was something of a miracle to see people wearing articulately woven handbags and purses. Now, woven furniture has embedded itself in almost every home.

“Just one glance at rattan paired with house plants, and it’s easy to understand why they go so well together. The fun tropical vibes are one factor, but the cherry on top is the chic woven texture and the exceptional durability. It’s truly perfect for a touch of style in the bedroom, living room or garden. You can expect decent quality rattan to cost around $200 to $250.”

Desert-Inspired Tones

“Desert-inspired tones are becoming very popular — especially for those who are not fans of jewel tones,” said Jason Ault, a real estate expert and consultant at Element Homebuyers. “These colors reflect positivity and serenity and, for this reason, these desert-inspired hues are leading the way.

“The coziness of the bedroom mixed with a little bit of desert-inspired color has reshaped the understanding of color combination for many people. They are now beginning to opt for these colors for a peaceful home. Also, the artistic touch of these colors adds more to the beauty of a home. It can range from $150 to $300, depending on the number of rooms you want to paint.”

Custom Wainscoting

“I think that installing a custom wainscoting on an accent is one of the hottest DIY décor trends right now,” said Bill Samuel, a real estate developer and licensed general contractor. “There have been a ton of different creative wainscoting designs over the past few months on social media, and homeowners are really into doing accent walls in specific areas of their home to give it a high finished look.

“If you are planning on doing the work yourself and have the tools required to complete the job,” Samuel continued, “you only have to worry about the cost of materials. The only materials you will need to complete a custom wainscoting are paint/caulk and wood trim. You should be able to purchase the paint and all the supplies needed to complete the job for around $250 to $400.

“I would recommend purchasing some MDF trim since it is easy to work with and is really affordable. Depending on the size of your wall, you should be able to purchase all of the MDF trim for somewhere between $200 [and] $500.”

Wall-Mounted Shelving

“Wall-mounted shelving allows you to free up floor space while still showcasing your favorite items or mementos,” said Alex Capozzolo, co-founder of SD House Guys. “It can also create a minimalist look in any room. The cost of wall shelving units will depend on the size and materials used, but they can range from $50 to over $200 each.”

Bold Wallpaper

“Bring a touch of personality to any space by adding statement wallpaper,” Capozzolo said. “It can instantly transform any dull or bare wall into a bold design statement. The cost of wallpaper will depend on the quality and size of the wallpaper, but it typically averages anywhere from $50 to $500 per roll.”

Geometric Accents

“Geometric accents are an easy way to add interest to a room without breaking your budget,” said Shaun Martin, owner of Cash Home Buying Company. “Simple shapes like hexagons, triangles and circles can be found in art prints and furniture pieces that won’t require too much DIY work. A few accent pieces can cost as little as $50.”


“​​Velvet home décor became trendy due to the popularity of period dramas like ‘The Crown’ and ‘Bridgerton,'” said Kevin Huang, founder and CEO of Ambient Home. “Velvet was synonymous with royalty as the fabric was originally made from silk, making it expensive. Hence, only the rich could afford it. Thankfully, it is now affordable if you go with velvet made with synthetic materials. Depending on the kind and color, you can buy synthetic velvet for as low as $4 per yard in Walmart.”

Marble Art

“A must-have home décor item has to be marble art,” said Scott Rubzin, real estate agent and founder of Tiffany Property Investments LLC. “This versatile art piece can accentuate your interior design. The best part about it is that you can DIY at home. This makes it easier to experiment with the wide range of vibrant paints in your color palette. You can create a unique art piece with simple household items like paint, water and a blank canvas. Get creative with the frame for this piece and hang it up high on a wall, or even place it against it. This DIY décor piece will cost you less than $10.”

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