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8 awesome paid iPhone apps you can get free right now (save $72!)

8 awesome paid iPhone apps you can get free right now (save $72!)

While people are always on the hunt for good deals, Thanksgiving week is known for being the one week each year that people devote the most time to bargain hunting. Retailers across the country offer some of their best sale prices of the year to woo customers, but you don’t need to battle crowds to get deals this week. In fact you can save $72 right now without moving an inch, because we’ve got a great list for you today showcasing eight nifty paid iPhone and iPad apps that are on sale for free.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $9.99.

Wayper is the unique app, presenting the actual offline maps of the cities you need and like with the regular updates.

It really opens all the preferences of the location detection and identification for the travelers and tourists. It keeps the huge data amount in a small volume, allowing you to use its new technologies.
Once downloaded, all the maps are available for offline usage giving you the battery life, time, nerves and money economy. No more urgent seek of the charger, roaming internet card or paper map, enormous and outdated. Just you and wonderful 3D maps for the better exploring experience and positive voyage emotions.

Wayper provides you with the optimized routes from A to B, taking into consideration the city transport scheme, time-table and number of changes. Apart from the excellent maps and navigation service, this app will guide you. It contains an immense base of museums, galleries, cafes, hotels and parks. And all these is also available to be used offline any time you might need it.
Wayper keeps the information on the hottest update level, so not only a city-guest, but also an aborigine will find the useful information in it: crusty croissants, fresh-brewed coffee or airplane city tours – you will discover the unknown places everywhere.

As the city life never stops, our team never quits updating and adding new locations into the bundle we already have.

Open your Wayper-world with Wayper app in your pocket! It’s never been that easy and exciting!

Wayper gives you highly detailed 3D maps of such cities as:
New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Diego
Las Vegas
Porto Alegre
São Paulo
Belo Horizonte
Rio de Janeiro
London is loading…
and more cities coming soon.

Download Wayper


Normally $0.99.

Suru is a simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use app that helps you organize all your tasks and projects. Create beautiful outlines, mind maps and task or To-Do lists with perfectly organized text and photos all in palm of your hand.

With Suru you can :
- Create and edit organized task lists broken down into sub-tasks
- Outline your next paper or presentation with precise detail and photos
- Take organized notes in class or at the office
- Brainstorm new ideas and projects from anywhere, never forget your next big idea!
- Snap and group important or inspiring photos relevant to your projects and ideas
- Organize and structure your research
- Share your lists and outlines with friends and co-workers
- Set reminders or alarms for important tasks to keep you on track and productive
- Sync your lists and outlines to the cloud!
- Send a copy of your lists and ideas to other Suru users directly to their device.

Suru Key Features:
- Create tasks and ideas organized by priority and color
- Mark items as complete to track your progress/productivity
- Set Reminders/Alarms for items
- Break ideas down into smaller pieces and add detailed text and photos.
- Re-Organize, Re-Color, and Delete items or sub-items
- Export your work as a beautifully formatted PDF outline.
- 7 Unique and beautiful color palettes
- Simple, intuitive interface allows you to capture you ideas quickly and easily
- Cloud sync and automatic backups make sure you never lose your info.
- Direct Share and/or PDF export let you share your lists and outlines with anyone.

Suru lets you work in whatever way best suits you. You can be as general or specific as you like using whatever colors you love!

Download Suru

Bext Mail

Normally $49.99.

Managing over 30 emails in minutes is becoming quickly, easily, and pleasantly. Bext focuses on improving efficiency when managing daily emails.

Work with popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com, AOL, iCloud. Support push for Gmail in the current version. Managing emails in multiple accounts would never be a hassle work. Add them to Bext and manage all emails in one place.

Sender smart tag and VIP smart tag keep important emails easy to recognize. You would not miss any emails. Your Boss and Customer get no chance to blame for late response again.

AES encryption and auto erase* feature double protect your account data. No one can access your emails even if your iPhone gets lost or stolen. Just keep secure log in.
Bext makes your mailing experience go smoother and faster.
Features you won’t miss:

> Cloud-Based auto configuration feature:

Without auto configuration feature, you have to seek help from your friends or send emails to mail client support to get help when adding new account. This will be bad experience for you.

Forget about complicated port numbers and server names. Add accounts easily with Bext’s automatic account discovery.
> Strong Security:

We usually keep important information like Bank e-statements, Contracts, Purchase Orders and Invoices in emails.

These important emails will not fall into others’ hands by using Bext even if iPhone gets lost or stolen.

Bext uses industry standard AES encryption to encrypt all your data.

Auto erase feature* in Passcode* is for extend security; no one can be access to your emails without your permission.
> Sender and VIP smart tag:

Spending much time to sort out important emails one by one would be much hard work. Have you ever try to find a shortcut?

Sender smart tag and VIP smart tag keep important emails easy to recognize in a fast way.
> Do everything by swipe away:

Swipe feature lets you feel perfectly natural and it makes you easy to learn, to use, to share and to do about everything. Just swipe to reach more actions.

You have complete one-handed control when using Bext and also managing emails on the way will be easy and pleasant.
> Assisting Touch:

Assisting Touch never blocks your words. You can drag it to anywhere and get more space to read.

You would not worry iPhone will slip down from your hand when performing the gestures that are not easy to reach.

Tap Assisting Touch to make everything easy to control.

Download Bext Mail

New York Know-It-All

Normally $1.99.

New York Know-It-All focuses on New York City’s rich culture and history. Whether you are a visitor or a denizen of the Village, you are sure to love the depth and breadth of information you’ll find about Manhattan.

Features include:
*All Content is included! No in app purchases necessary!
*No searching or planning, we push the interesting stuff to you!
*New fun facts coming out all the time, no updating required.
*Connect with Others! Share your trip on Facebook, Twitter, via email or text.
*Real writers from New York, no boring encyclopedia content!
*Can configure to run in the background. Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Topics include: Architecture, Culture, Restaurants, Film and TV, History, Landmarks, Monuments, Museums, Music, Parks, Sports, and Transportation

Walk around NYC and the app will alert you to sites as you come upon them. Fun taglines will entice you to click on the alerts to read more about them. Toggle to the map screen and see if there are some other points nearby or to check out your path. You don’t even need to be in Manhattan, you can browse the database while at home or in your hotel to determine which points of interest to visit.

Enter a neighborhood and let New York Know it All be your walking guide!

Download New York Know-It-All

DMD Panorama

Normally $1.99.

High Definition 360 Panoramic Camera with a 3d Viewer in a Snap?
- take full 360 panoramas instantly and don’t miss any beauty around you,
- grab the smallest details in night or day with the 4K photo resolution, you will be able to produce up to 40MP panoramic photos,
- teleport back to your favorite location and view it using our incredible 3d viewer, share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter for the same 3d viewing experience,
- be the first to take a gorgeous panoramic selfie and surprise your friends and loved ones,
- discover more than 1.3 Million panoramas shared from all over the world,
- never worry about your panoramas by using our free and safe online storage,
- create breath-taking panoramas with advanced camera controls such as Flash modes and 3 different Exposure settings,
- follow other panorama lovers and be notified when they upload new pictures,
- edit description, tags, geolocation and privacy settings,
- get embed codes to insert interactive panoramas in your blog.

We listen and help (support@DerManDar.com). We bet you will be impressed, try us!

We got this review: “Absolutely fantastic app! I swear there are magical unicorns or elves inside my phone stitching these photos together. It’s the only way I can explain it.”
Frankly speaking, we don’t employ magical creatures, but our image processing algorithms analyze data from several components including camera, gyro, compass and accelerometer sensors.

Please note:
- our app only shoots cylindrical panoramas,
- we only stitch the pictures you take with the app,
- in-app HD option is for *all* the panoramas you take on *all* your devices – with the same AppleID,
- your pictures are *not* automatically uploaded unless you explicitly request it.

DerManDar means all-around in Lebanese slang. We noticed too many people had a problem spelling it, so we shortened it to DMD.

Download DMD Panorama


Normally $0.99.

Make your friends laugh! Turn them into ridiculous hipsters with 88 FREE stickers:
• mustaches
• bows
• hats
• glasses
• sunglasses
• social media icons
• girl accessories
• shirts and dresses

Text your photos to your friends. Share them on Facebook or Twitter. Or upload them to Instagram. The app saves your pics to your camera roll, so you can share them any way your like!

To get more followers on Instagram when you use this app, try using #hipstacam #hipstamatic #hipsterglasses #hipsterbeard #beardify #hipsterstyle

What are you waiting for? It only takes 30 seconds to download and get started!

Download HipstaCam

Calorie Watcher

Normally $2.99.

Our mission is to empower people to take control over their calorie consumption and change people’s lifestyles. This app offers a wide range of features that help people who want to lose or gain weight. We offer a wide range of free features such as calorie budget calculation, food calorie calculation and exercise calculation.
We also offer a premium access feature that lets the user add food or exercise to their daily calorie budget, which help users to keep track of their training and eating habits. This strategy has proven to be one of the most effective ways for people to achieve their weight goals.
Our team over at RedPalmApps.com is confident that you will experience the same life changing results as our previous clients have.

Download Calorie Watcher

Gym Goal Tracker

Normally $2.99.

Tracking and managing your workouts have never been easier. My Full Fitness Pal turns your iPhone into a portable gym assistant with tons of features that will make your training smoother and easier.

Some of these features include:
- 160+ exercises to choose from.
- Video link and detailed detailed description for each exercise.
- 7 pre-made workouts
- Linear Graph for each exercise to track your gains.
- Option between pounds and kilograms.

If you enjoy My Full Fitness Pal make sure to rate it, we would really appreciate that.

Gym Goal Tracker

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