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8 Best Podcasts for Investing in 2020

Barbara Friedberg

Boost your investing know-how by listening.

Whether you're jogging, driving, or just puttering around the house, listening to financial podcasts is an easy way to boost your investing IQ and entertain. With each passing year, more good podcasts emerge, from well-known brands such as Schwab's "Choiceology" with Katy Milkman to smaller shops like George Grombacher's "Money Savage." Choosing the best top-rated podcasts for investors is akin to creating a list of the best ice cream flavors. There are countless varieties from broad to niche investing podcasts. Depending upon your level of investment expertise and interests, you're certain to find a new podcast to add to your queue. Here are eight to check out.

"Real Estate Strategies"

Tom Wheelwright, CEO of WealthAbility in Tempe, Arizona, recommends this top real estate investing podcast. Ken McElroy chats ideas and strategies for real estate investing with a smattering of entrepreneurship and business content. McElroy is an entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author of five books, CEO of MC Companies and real estate investor with $1 billion in real estate investments. His goal is to help increase your cash flow and passive income through investments in assets. The episode entitled "Understanding Cap Rates" is a clear and simple coverage of one of the primary investment metrics for real estate investors. Other episodes cover property management, predicting the next real estate crash and mobile home investing.

"Sound Investing"

You can't go wrong with hearing from Paul Merriman. A former investment advisor, he's currently dedicated to educating investors through his podcast, Marketwatch column and educational foundation. The weekly podcast began as a radio show about 18 years ago. Merriman's podcast includes market analysis, interviews and investment guidance. A long-time advocate of index-fund investing, recent episodes cover these topics; "Could This be the No. 1 Reason to Use Index Funds?," "The Ultimate Buy and Hold versus 2 Funds for Life," "Is it Time to Add Small-Cap and Value to Your Portfolio?" and "How to Invest in a Bear Market." This is the perfect podcast for both new and experienced investors.

"McAlvany Weekly Commentary"

David McAlvany delves deeply into issues that impact markets, economies and investing. "We view uncertainty as a summons -- a clarion call to look beyond mainstream wisdom," McAlvaney says on his website. McAlvany is the CEO of McAlvany Financial Group in Durango, Colorado. In "What is Your Next Strategy After Gold Goes Parabolic?" McAlvany discusses why to buy gold, what it represents and its future as an investment. This sophisticated podcast recently covered "Google and NASA Solve 10,000 Year Problem in 400 Seconds" and "LaGarde's ECB to Save the World with Green Bonds."


"The biggest investor issues almost always have to do with their behavior. Choiceology with Katy Milkman brings these behavioral errors to light in a way that's accessible and interesting. Understanding our behavioral biases can help us avoid them," says Mark Wilson, president at MILE Wealth Management in Irvine, California. Without control of emotions, investors can get into trouble fast. Selling after a market drop while buying near peaks are well-known behavioral finance errors. Choiceology strives to educate about behavioral finance issues and to create smarter investors. Recent episodes include; "The Price of Your Vice," "Boxed In" and "No Harm, No Foul?"

"The MoneyTree"

Kirk Chisolm, wealth manager and principal at Innovative Advisory Group, is an outside-the-box financial advisor, and his weekly podcast reflects his vast investment knowledge and interests. A skilled host, Chisolm's format includes an interview with an investment-related guest and then a panel conversation with journalists and investment experts. The related show notes lead back to great investment reads and resources. "Shareholder Yield -- A Secret Investing Methodology" with Meb Faber introduces listeners to a concept that surpasses dividend yield as a method of stock selection. Faber, of Cambria Funds, covers a wealth of investing gems. Other recent episodes include "Millennial Investing," "Self-Storage Investing" and "Federal Reserve, Monetary Policy, and Central Banking."

"Money Savage"

In this daily podcast, George Grombacher covers traditional and nontraditional investing strategies. Included among the niche investments are tax liens, active trading and IPOs. Grombacher also veers into the productivity and self-improvement realms. With daily shows, there's something for every type of investor. The recent "Book Club" episode interviews Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income at The American College of Financial Services and founder of Retirement Researcher. Pfau discusses his latest book, "Safety-First Retirement Planning: An Integrated Approach for a Worry-Free Retirement." Other episodes include; "Tax Liens," "Private Placements" and "Optimizing Your Finances." Grombacher also holds a place on Investopedia's list of Top 100 Financial Advisors for 2019.

"Wealth of Knowledge"

Antonio Barbera, a consumer advice editor at U.S. News, moderates this weekly podcast featuring tips and expert advice on all things money. The podcast includes U.S. News staff members and guest experts with actionable tips for improving money life. The first episode of the year delves into "The Best Stocks for 2020" with John Devine, U.S. News senior investing writer. This segment evaluates his top 10 stock picks from last year and recommends whether to buy, sell or hold the shares for another year.

"Animal Spirits"

This weekly podcast features Michael Batnick, director of research, and Ben Carlson, director of institutional asset management at New York-based Ritholtz Asset Management. Along with well-known guests, they cover investing, markets and life with an engaging banter. Their goal is to make finance more accessible as they speak clearly, educate and entertain. With recommended books and resources, this podcast is a bastion of investment information. The hosts touch on recessionary and nonrecessionary bear markets, contrarian indicators and the future, as in "The Best Decade in Human History" episode. Other recent shows include "The Case for Tactical Equity," "The Nastiest, Hardest Problem in Finance" and "Defined Outcome Strategies."

Best podcasts for investing in 2020:

-- "Real Estate Strategies"

-- "Sound Investing"

-- "McAlvany Weekly Commentary"

-- "Choiceology"

-- "The MoneyTree"

-- "Money Savage"

-- "Wealth of Knowledge"

-- "Animal Spirits"

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