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The 8 Secret Messages Hidden in Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding Dress

Diana Bruk
priyanka chopra wedding dress

Remember in September when Meghan Markle revealed that her wedding dress included a little piece of the blue dress that she wore on her first date with Prince Harry? Well, it looks like this super-sweet personal touch might have just launched somewhat of a new celebrity wedding trend.

Over the weekend, Priyanka Chopra (who happens to be Meghan’s BFF, in case you didn’t know) married Nick Jonas at the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace, in Jodhpur, India. 

Given that they come from different backgrounds, the newlyweds actually had two ceremonies in order to pay due tribute to their respective faiths. And, you guessed it, that means Chopra wore not one but two absolutely stunning wedding dresses.

In one of the ceremonies, she wore an intricately embroidered scarlet red lehenga by Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. The dress is so incredible it almost makes your mouth water.

Her other wedding gown, a breathtaking sheer long sleeve dress by Ralph Lauren, looked straight out of a fairytale.

But it’s the sentimental touches that are really making people swoon. Firstly, a piece of the wedding dress that Nick Jonas’ mother, Denise, wore at her own wedding was sewn into the gown. Secondly, the gown was embroidered with the following eight messages: Nicholas Jerry Jonas (her hubby’s full name), 1st December 2018 (the date of their wedding), Madhu&Ashok (the first names of her own parents), Om Namah Shivay (a Hindu mantra), and the words “Family,” “Hope,” “Compassion,” and “Love.”

Not to be undone, Nick Jonas’ custom Purple Label six-button double-breasted black tuxedo also had a secret message inside the lapel: a small piece of lace from his bride’s dress that was embroidered with the Urdu words ‘My Jaan, meaning ‘My Life.'”

These two are just too cute for words. And for more fun with weddings that are decidedly less cute, don’t miss these 27 Weird Themed Weddings You Won’t Believe Actually Happened. 

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