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8 Secret Walmart Shopping Hacks

·5 min read
bgwalker / iStock.com
bgwalker / iStock.com

Today's shoppers are looking for a fast and convenient shopping experience that allows them to save money while being as efficient as possible, and Walmart offers exactly that.

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The store is known for its low prices, but in what ways do the low prices at Walmart not always equate to quality items and worthwhile savings? Additionally, what items should shoppers avoid and which items should they purchase at other stores?

Whether you are an avid Walmart shopper or just pop in from time to time, these Walmart hacks offer everyone a glimpse into how Walmart operates and how to make your next trip a smoother and more budget-friendly experience.


1. Use the Walmart App

One of the greatest secrets to saving money at Walmart is using the Walmart app. The app allows shoppers to scan their items while in-store and the opportunity to look up the items online. By doing a quick item search, most shoppers will find that many items are listed for less online and they can save money by making a simple price adjustment.

"Many times a scanned price will show up for less money," said Jodie Filogromo, founder of Jodie's Touch of Style, which shares how to get great deals on clothes and other items. "However, then you want to get a sales associate to have them change the price for you before you go up to the cashier."

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Icatnews / Shutterstock.com
Icatnews / Shutterstock.com

2. Buy Walmart's Private Labels

Walmart owns its own private labels that allow consumers to find lesser-priced items that are comparable to name-brand items. Several popular Walmart brands to look for include Great Value, Mainstays and Equate. Great Value items can be found in the grocery section, Mainstays can be found in bedding, kitchen items and furniture and Equate can be found in the pharmacy and health and beauty section. Be sure to look for the Walmart brand of the item you are looking for next time you shop to enjoy more savings.

SanyaSM / Getty Images
SanyaSM / Getty Images

3. Use Walmart's Curbside Pick-Up for Groceries

When it comes to shopping at Walmart, efficiency is key. For guests who want to avoid crowds during busy hours or simply do not have the time to navigate through the store to pick out the items they need, Walmart offers curbside grocery delivery.

"Use Walmart's free online shopping service and order groceries for pick-up," said Karen Zerbini, content creator and founder of Supper Sanity, a meal-planning blog that allows families to eat healthy, homemade meals while saving money. "This service helps you to purchase only the groceries that you need. You save time and money. Drive up to the designated area in the parking lot, and a Walmart employee will load your groceries."

Shoppers can take advantage of this option by ordering groceries ahead through the Walmart app or shopping online.

2018 Walmart Inc.
2018 Walmart Inc.

4. Opt for In-Store Pickup

Another free perk Walmart offers that shoppers should be aware of is the store's free-pickup option. Walmart offers free shipping for any online order over $35. However, if you just need one item and don't want to pay for shipping or want your item right away, in-store pickup is a great option. In-store pickup also allows shoppers to avoid the crowds in the store, take advantage of online prices and make their shopping more efficient.

Photointoto / Shutterstock.com
Photointoto / Shutterstock.com

5. Buy on the First Day of Sales

In order to get the best deals, it is important to be aware of sales every week, not just on Black Friday. Shoppers can stay on top of sales by visiting the website or the app to see what's on sale for the week. One great way to save the most money is by buying on the first day of the sale. Stores want to get the highest return on the first day of a sale, so the first day of a sale often offers the best deals and allows shoppers to save more.

Matej Kastelic / Shutterstock.com
Matej Kastelic / Shutterstock.com

6. Shop the Clearance Rack

The most basic way to save money during your Walmart shopping is by buying clearance products. Walmart has a habit of hiding clearance items and it's helpful for shoppers to be aware of some simple hacks to find clearance items more easily.

Shoppers should check out the day-old bread rack for bakery deals and aisle end caps for hidden clearance items. Additionally, Walmart tends to keep more clearance items in-store out of reach by keeping them in glass cases, so be sure to check out what's inside those cases when you are shopping. Walmart shoppers can also easily check if an item they need is on sale by checking online before buying.

Filipovic018 / Getty Images/iStockphoto
Filipovic018 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

7. Be Wary of Purchasing Appliances

When it comes to appliance shopping at Walmart, experts recommend shopping with great caution.

Walmart often contracts with companies that create less expensive versions of appliances with cheaper materials. This allows Walmart to buy items from manufacturers for cheap and sell to consumers at a lower price point than competitors. However, it leaves consumers with an inferior product costing only slightly less than higher-quality name-brand appliances. When it comes to appliance purchasing, it is better to buy from Home Depot, Best Buy or other appliance-focused retailers.

arinahabich / iStock.com
arinahabich / iStock.com

8. Buy These 3 Items at Walmart for Major Savings

When it comes to choosing what items to buy at Walmart instead of at other stores, experts recommend purchasing dried spices, cereals and school supplies at Walmart every time.

Great Value offers a wide variety of spices that allows customers to purchase spices for as little as 98 cents a bottle. The Walmart house brand offers generic and organic spice options that are less expensive than the name brand. The store also offers a vast array of cereals in huge bags that allow customers to buy in bulk. However, it might be helpful to put the cereal in a container for storage purposes. Finally, during back-to-school season, Walmart offers unbeatable school supply prices with notebooks for as little as 25 cents.

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