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8 travel gifts under $60

Finding the perfect gift for a traveler can be tough. What they really want is a trip to Fiji, but who can afford that? Instead, here are a handful of helpful and stylish gifts that will wow the globetrotter in your life.

Sprayable sleep melatonin

Sleep Melatonin

Cost: $60

This is the perfect gift for a  traveler who can’t sleep on planes. Melatonin is a natural sleep aid that many people use to get some rest. While it’s typically ingested as a pill, this sprayable melatonin can be used on your skin about an hour before you want to fall asleep. The 30-day supply is less than 3 ounces, so it’s the perfect size for getting through airport security.

Tarte’s No Shower Happy Hour Kit

Stay refreshed after a long flight

Cost: $34

This kit comes with five vegan beauty products, including dry shampoo, deodorant, face moisturizer, blush and lip gloss – just enough to freshen up after a long flight. Designed for all skin types, these products are also paraben-free, and will leave you feeling refreshed once you land.

The Trtl Pillow

The best way to sleep on a long flight

Cost: $29.99

Nicknamed the “napping scarf,” the Trtl offers neck support and comfort while masquerading as a fashionable scarf. In addition to being half the size of a standard u-shaped pillow, Trtl weighs just half a pound, so it’s easy to pack in your purse or carry-on. The hunt for the perfect travel pillow just might be over!

Mooni selfie

Take photos from up to 30 feet away from your camera

Cost: $24.99

Snapping an Insta-worthy photo on vacation isn’t something you should leave to chance. The Mooni selfie is a small bluetooth device that allows travelers to snap a photo on their smartphone from up to 30 feet away. Gone are the days of using a selfie stick or setting a timer and running into frame. Now you can simply set down your camera, strike the perfect pose, and capture the perfect photo with the click of a button. Mooni works on iPads, cellphones and tablets.

Airbnb gift card

Gift the gift of accommodations this holiday season

Cost: Any amount you want

Accommodations are one the most expensive parts of travel. Help the globetrotter in your life pay for their dream trip by purchasing an Airbnb gift card. The recipient will receive the gift card through email, and it can be easily added to any Airbnb account. The best part? It never expires.

Scratch Map

Keep count of the countries you’ve visited

Cost: $25.41

Help your favorite traveler keep track of their country count with this scratchable world map poster. This deluxe version is printed on black matte paper and is covered with a copper foil finish, which is easily scratched off with a fingernail or coin.

GripTight Action Kit

Keep your photos clear and steady

Cost: $49.95

This small accessory should actually be called the “Spiderpod.” Equipped with a pin-joint mount, the portable and versatile tripod has flexible legs that can be wrapped around almost anything. It’s just seven inches long, and is compatible with most smartphones, GoPro’s and small format 360 cameras.

NuForce Optoma NuForce BE2 Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones come in handy on the road.

Cost: $49

Headphones can get really expensive, but they don’t have to be. For under $50, the NuForce BE2 Bluetooth headphones have amazing sound quality and 10 hours of continuous listening before the battery needs to be recharged. The headphones are also sweat-proof, so you can wear them during a workout, and the cables are reinforced with kevlar, so they won’t break when jostled in your carry-on.

Brittany is a reporter at Yahoo Finance. 

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