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80% of adults will experience back problems

Marine Engineer, Tom Derecktor Set To Revolutionize The Way You Work

BRISTOL, R.I., Nov. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- We spend more time in our office chairs than anywhere else— 8+ hours dedicated to being stationary in front of a computer. If we're spending our lives sitting still, a well-designed, comfortable, smart seating solution isn't just a good idea; it's critical to your performance and health.

After two years of intense R&D, engineer and former yacht builder Tom Derecktor has released The Fehn: a chair for standing desks that solves the most pressing health and performance problems associated with typical office seating. www.thefehn.com

Derecktor and his team worked with medical professionals, athletes, and scientists as they formulated The Fehn concept, ultimately concluding that there is no such thing as a single position that's healthy to stay in all day— whether sitting, standing, or anything in between. Designed to use with standing desks, The Fehn is the end of sedentary work.

The chair allows you to flow through sitting, standing, and leaning positions without the need to buy & store multiple pieces of furniture. The Fehn's pivot-mounted seat provides micro-movement while remaining totally supportive & keeping your pelvis & spine in the correct positions, relieving muscle strain by 40-90%.

Tom, CEO & Founder, said: "The idea was born from necessity; my back was killing me from sitting all day. I tried standing desks, but then both my back and feet hurt.  After testing virtually every product on the market, we became obsessed with developing a solution."

The project has just been launched on Kickstarter, where early adopters will get the Fehn at a great price!  Go to Kickstarter

About Tom Derecktor - LinkedIn

An engineer and entrepreneur with multiple patents, Tom has more than 35 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, construction, product development, financing, and executive management in the automotive, shipbuilding, composites, and marine renewable power industries. He literally grew up at Derecktor Shipyards building yachts, commercial and military vessels, Including America's Cup winner "Stars & Stripes", and the 3000 Ton "Cakewalk" (largest yacht ever built in the USA).

Tom founded TracRac Inc in 1994, a Tier 1 automotive supplier to GM, Ford, and Chrysler of a patented line of cargo-carrying products for trucks, and tools for contractors.

Contact: Leonora Valvo, info@thefehn.com, +1.203.685.5354


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