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88% Of Moms Would Mistakenly Offer Up Ginger Ale Soda To Soothe Upset Stomachs; Reed's Ginger Beer Calls Foul, Says It's Time To Get Real With Moms

Timed for Mother's Day, Craft Ginger Beer Maker Gets to the Root of Ginger Confusion with New Campaign

NORWALK, Conn., May 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Reaching for a ginger ale soda when you have an upset stomach? You're not alone, as 88 percent of moms say they would give their child or another family member ginger ale soda to soothe an upset stomach. However, the truth is there is almost no real ginger in conventional ginger ale sodas and certainly not enough for a functional benefit. A new survey commissioned by Reed's, Inc. (NYSE American: REED), America's #1 ginger beer brand, has uncovered a legacy of this misguided home remedy: 86 percent of moms learned from their parents or grandparents that drinking ginger ale will settle your stomach. This myth has been passed on for decades and it's time to set the record straight.

Reed's has real ginger (and a lot of it).

The confusion is understandable since for centuries, ginger has been recognized as a powerful superfood with documented digestive, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting benefits.

"Ginger is one of my favorite functional foods," says Registered Dietitian Maya Feller, who's a mother, too. "It's important to read ingredient and nutrition labels carefully so you are an informed consumer. Reed's Ginger Beer not only tastes great but contains real ginger and is made in a way that maintains the integrity and beneficial aspects of ginger. There is strong evidence showing that real ginger has a number of health benefits including settling stomachs and so much more." 

Setting the Ginger Record Straight with Moms
The bold "They Fooled Your Mom" campaign will launch leading into Mother's Day and was developed by Reed's creative agency, Gingerfish. Reed's is casting a light on moms' shock and dismay at learning the truth about mainstream ginger ale's lack of enough ginger to settle upset stomachs while highlighting Reed's focus on real ginger.

It has been Reed's mission for the past 30 years to deliver better-for-you, great-tasting products with a simple formula that uses all-natural ingredients: fresh ginger root (and lots of it!), sparkling water, fruit juices, honey, cane sugar and spices. Reed's also now offers a Zero Sugar variety of its classic recipe.

"Consumers today demand transparency from the brands they choose for themselves and their families," said Val Stalowir, CEO of Reed's, Inc. "It's eye-opening that 62 percent of moms in our survey said they would select a ginger ale soda over other mainstream sodas because they think it is a healthier choice; and nearly three out of four believe it is a healthier choice because it has real ginger and that's simply not the case. Reed's Ginger Beer products are made with thousands of milligrams of real ginger that people expect in a functional beverage."

Reed's first ever, fully integrated marketing campaign will reach consumers at multiple touchpoints via social media, streaming video, in-store, radio, sampling and out-of-home advertising. The campaign will kick off in May with a Times Square New York City takeover and will roll out to other top metro markets including Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle.

"By tapping into this core insight around well-intentioned, yet misinformed moms, our marketing team felt it was important to dispel this ongoing ginger ale myth and make sure moms – and everyone for that matter – know exactly what they are and aren't getting in their and their family's beverage choices.  Consumers who want real ginger should reach past ginger ale and reach for Reed's – it's that simple," concluded Stalowir. 

For more information about Reed's, including product images and campaign creative, please visit the Reed's press kit.

To learn more about the campaign, please visit https://drinkreeds.com/real-ginger

About Reed's, Inc.
Established in 1989, Reed's is America's best-selling Ginger Beer brand and has been the leader and innovator in the ginger beer category for decades. Virgil's is America's best-selling independent, full line of natural craft sodas. The Reed's Inc. portfolio is sold in over 30,000 retail doors nationwide. Reed's Ginger Beers are unique due to the proprietary process of using fresh ginger root combined with a Jamaican-inspired recipe of natural spices and fruit juices. The company uses this same handcrafted approach in its award-winning Virgil's line of great- tasting, bold flavored craft sodas.

For more information about Reed's, please visit the company's website at: http://www.drinkreeds.com or call 800-99-REEDS. Follow Reed's on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @drinkreeds.

Your mom was fooled. Turns out, there's almost no ginger in Canada Dry Ginger Ale.
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