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9 Influencers to Watch Out for in 2020

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Two thousand twenty has been a wild ride, that's for sure. A year full of ups and downs, we faced unprecedented challenges that changed our world. With a "new normal" on the horizon, digital media became even more important as we turned to social media and online platforms to interact and go about our daily business. While digital media has been on a constant trend upward, what 2020 proved is just how valuable it is. Businesses, schools, and organizations pivoted to increased online activity, and influencers stood to gain larger, more invested, and more interested audiences.

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W​hile influencers are on the rise, nine, in particular, have really stood out this year with their engaging, informative, and inspiring content. As our activities online show no signs of slowing down, these specific nine, in no particular order, are the ones to watch out for as 2020 comes to a close.

1​. Cleo Pillon

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Entrepreneur, esthetician, and skincare expert Cleo Pillon @cleopillon is a top beauty influencer known for her expertly curated recommendations and fun videos. A self-proclaimed free-spirit, Cleo’s take on beauty is all about honesty. "I am not afraid to be my authentic self, and I think authenticity plays a huge part in beauty," says Cleo. Down to earth and natural, Cleo believes in embracing the fun that beauty has to offer while using safe and effective products that only enhance it.

2​. Sebastien Cossette

Sebastien Cossette, aka The Resilient Gentleman, is a fitness and lifestyle influencer helping busy men and women achieve their ideal physique. Understanding how hard it can be for entrepreneurs and other professionals to prioritize wellness into their schedules, Sebastien launched @resilientgentleman to help others make time for their health and meet their fitness goals while also thriving professionally, financially, and socially. Sebastien explains, "when you align your daily actions with your beliefs, you will reach your full potential."

3​. Selvaggia Capizzi

One of the few fashion influencers over 40, Selvaggia @selvaggicapizzi believes that style and beauty only get better after 40. "It's all about confidence and using it to power the best life for yourself," states Selvaggia. A successful blogger since the 2008 launch of her site Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger, Selvaggia isn't afraid to show that she is a real person just like her followers, inspiring them through uplifting and honest content.

4​. Bella Zingale

Bella Zingale is known for her genuine, caring, and tailored approach delivering very concise and actionable information. Serving her clients and the spirit world, Bella gives followers a glimpse into what's possible in the realm of alternative healing on her social media @metaphysicalmedium. "My work is all about maximum healing," says Bella. "I believe that when you are passionately aligned with your life purpose, trained, and spend the time and effort to hone your craft, you are destined to do great things."

5​. Grant Cardone

B​est-selling author and sales and marketing trainer Grant Cardone continues to conquer the digital media sphere with his passion for helping companies realize missed opportunities. Grant always states, "Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility." Sharing a no-nonsense approach, @grantcardone continues to coach entrepreneurs throughout 2020 and beyond.

6​. Sol Romero

Actress and model Sol Romero has quickly gained influencer status using her platform @solromeroofficial to share her love of fashion and the arts. "I believe that we can feel an emotion from everything, whether they be pictures, videos, captions, or even texts," explains Sol. With that approach, she turned her Instagram account into a massive following inspiring others with her love of life, stunning imagery, and captivating words. From modeling around the world to acting in movies alongside her husband, Sol’s take on travel, culture, and lifestyle is fresh and inviting.

7​. Barbara Bertagni

B​arbara Bertagni, otherwise known as @ladybb___ online, is an Italian entrepreneur and influencer who believes her career is to inspire people. At 49 years old, she has taken the social media world by storm, presenting a real and unedited depiction of her life from travel to fashion to self-care. "I am proud of the content I have created and the following I have built because I don't pretend to be someone I am not," explains Barbara. "Success came from the fact that I am not afraid to accentuate my age and all the beauty that comes with being 49."

8​. Alex Levy

A​lex Levy is a spiritual life coach and teacher on intuition. Known as one of the top oracle readers globally, Alex's first deck, The Spirit Guided Oracle is an international best-seller. "My first mentor lived by the words visualize, obtain, believe, and faith," states Alex. "This is the mantra I take with me every day in my work." Reaching people by the power of attraction and teaching others how their energy is mirrored back to them, Alex @alexlevy_intuitive has helped countless people cultivate increased happiness through guided intuition.

9​. B​arbara Corcoran

R​ounding out the list is Barbara Corcoran. Famous for her role on Shark Tank, Barbara's rags to riches story continues to inspire and motivate audiences eager to learn from the real-estate icon. Founder of The Corcoran Group, which she personally founded, Barbara @barbaracorcoran looks at 2020 through the lens of an experienced businesswoman who has been there. Maintaining the idea that our struggles are what get us to the next level, Barbara will forever be an influencer to follow for those who take their goals seriously.

I​nfluence is one thing but harnessing the real power of digital audiences in 2020 is what sets these influencers apart, making them notable, engaging, and fun to follow. Knowing that what they do and create matters, each of the influencers has risen to the top of their respective industries, paving their way into 2020 as the top influencers to watch out for.