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Light-Therapy Alarms For Peaceful Morning Wake Ups

Elizabeth Buxton

A minor pain point during one of our favorite changes in season, winter to spring, is Daylight Savings. What we ultimately gain in extra sunshine, we initially lose in an hour of extra snooze-time — which can domino effect into the ensuing workweek. So, to help us stay on top of our sleep schedules (especially for those of us who live in tiny dark apartments), we'll be turning to on a little something called the light therapy alarm clock.

Also called wake-up lights and dawn or sunrise-simulators, these savvy devices work by using a gradually brightening light (instead of or in conjunction with sound) to simulate sunlight for a more natural waking process. Not only useful for combatting S.A.D., these luminous gadgets also serve as crafty solutions for sunshine-starved spaces where natural light is scarce year-round.

Ahead, the top-rated and sleekest options out there to invest in now pre-Daylight Savings skip. Scroll on to shop the bright home good that will rise and shine on schedule when you (and real sunlight) can't quite get it together.

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Philips Smartsleep Light Therapy Lamp

Philips’ at it again with top-rated wake-up clocks — this model pulls in praise for its double-duty sunrise-sunset feature that offers a, "calm and peaceful transition from your day to your dreams."

Urban Outfitters Bunny Sunrise Alarm Clock

A cute bunny-inspired design meets premium light simulating technology in this top-rated, color-changing sunrise clock — as one customer raves, "It’s super cute and fits perfectly on my nightstand. The light really helps me get out of bed easier in the morning."

Urban Outfitters Bunny Sunrise Alarm Clock, $, available at Urban Outfitters

Lexon Design Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

This stylish wake-up gadget comes equipped with a sunrise simulator, six different natural alarm sounds, and a sleek LED clock screen.

Lexon Design Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, $, available at Neiman Marcus

Edge Light Clock

A sleek, space-saving design that boasts everything from evening bedside reading to natural morning wake-up light capabilities that can be shut off with a gentle shake.

Uncommon Goods Edge Light Clock, $, available at Uncommon Goods

Titiroba Wake-Up Light

This multifaceted clock has a brightness scale that can be gradually increased or decreased, a myriad of preferred color settings that you can freeze depending upon your mood, and sound options ranging from birds to thunderstorms and waves for your ideal wake-up style.

TITIROBA Wake-Up Light, $, available at Amazon

Latme Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake-Up Light

This wake-up clock boasts multiple colors and brightness scales that range from soft sunrises to deep sunsets.

LATME Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake-Up Light, $, available at Amazon

Amir Touch Control Wake-Up Light

This little gadget gradually brightens, radiating a warm ambient light inside your space 30 minutes prior to an alarm of your selection sounding — and all you need to do in order to shut the process off is gently tap its top.

Amir Touch Control Wake-Up Light, $, available at Amazon

Brelong Smart Timing Light Alarm Clock

This chic option couples a mushroom-shaped design with a softly-lit ring thats brightness can be adjusted by touch.

LBell Wake-Up Light

With gradual changes in both brightness and color, this alarm clock simulates the deep reds to oranges and bright yellows of sunrises and sunsets for a more authentic wake-up and wind-down experience.

Thpoplete Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

This portable model can be charged to last for up to 120 hours with adjustable light, color, and sound modes for a gentle wakeup wherever you go.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Philips' alarm clock combines a choice of five natural sounds or FM radio and 20 different brightness settings on soft, UV-free light with up to 300-lux illuminance — creating what reviewers describe as an entirely gentle wake-up experience.

Utorch Wake-Up Light

Reviewers tout this three-light wake-up clock with additional color transition and sound settings as a quality gift and stylish home accent.

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