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ACN Inc. Introduces New Direct Storefront for ACN Montana

CONCORD, NC--(Marketwire -10/19/11)- The Independent Business Owners (IBO) at ACN Inc., which recently launched into the big sky with ACN Montana, an absolutely great business opportunity, has given Montana residents a new, more effective way of reaching their customer base. Launched in July of 2011, the ACN Direct Storefront will allow customers to locate ACN's line of essential services with greater ease, ultimately resulting in a more profitable experience for IBOs and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The prospect of a direct storefront has garnered a lot of initial support, resulting in over 5,000 IBOs launching their site on day one. That number has only increased since then, as many are seeing the value of having a home base where prospective customers can view the many services and promotions that ACN offers.

Support for the direct storefront has been overwhelmingly positive. According to Art Napolitano, a Circle of Champions Member and an SVP of ACN Inc, "It's relieved the burden of knowing every detail of every product, because I know there's a centralized, simplified place where I can get all the information I need -- and I can feel confident that the site contains the latest product information and promotions." IBOs' concerns have been put to rest as the direct storefront is a comprehensive way for customers to view products and make decisions at their convenience. The storefront operates around the clock, something that would simply not be possible by direct contact with IBOs alone.

The ACN Direct Storefront has the potential to convince tentative IBOs to conduct business with ACN Inc. Since the sometimes difficult problem of customer acquisition has been streamlined, much of the initial pressure of gaining new customers has been alleviated. Acquiring new customers is as simple as pointing them in the direction of a personalized online store and letting them browse products. This puts control into the hands of the customer, and is a very exciting proposal for IBOs looking to expand their business.

ACN Inc. operates in three continents and 23 countries. They are currently the biggest direct telecommunications company and allow independent business owners to work for themselves by selling products and services from ACN's extensive line for incremental revenue. ACN's website is located at http://www.acninc.com/.