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Babygrande Records Partners With FrankRadio to Release NYC's Rocky Business

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 01/27/11) - Celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, Babygrande Records is pleased to announce that it has partnered with FrankRadio (Frank151) to sign and release Rocky Business.Strictly Business is the MC that the world needs right now. Rapping over everything from boom-bap to disco-drum n bass and electro. Teaming up with musician/vocalist/producer Johnny on the Rocks, the two have created an original blend of rock, hip-hop and electronic sounds that break genre distinctions. Since the release of their first mixtape in early 2010, Rocky Business has been tearing up New York City with their energetic, full band stage show has captivated the attention of hip-hop purists, Lower East Side indie rockers and everyone in between.FrankRadio/Babygrande released the band's first single "Rocky's Theme" on iTunes this week. Sonically, the track effortlessly shifts between the head nod hip-hop to a more progressive eclectic sound. Lyrically, Strictly Business delivers honest, triumphant rhymes about coming of age in Brooklyn against the odds.Rocky Business' debut EP, The Rebel's Roar, drops March 22nd on FrankRadio/Babygrande Records. Stay tuned for the release of the video for "Rocky's Theme" and a lot more in the coming weeks.Purchase "Rocky's Theme" On iTunesRocky Business
"Rocky's Theme" - Available Now
"Rebels Roar" - March 22, 2011