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Criteo Announces New Revenue Opportunities for Online Publishers

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - 10/27/10) - Criteo today announced huge growth in publisher display revenues from advertisers paying pay-per-click. Historically, this is a model that has underpinned a decade of growth in search, but has never worked for display. Criteo revealed that nearly 40 percent of its e-commerce clients plan to increase pay-per-click (PPC) display-advertising budgets, according to company research. The study found that more than half of Criteo's advertisers had not previously invested in display campaigns, which supports the Internet Advertising Bureau's report that online ad spend increased 16 percent in the first half of 2010, compared to the same period in 2009. These studies signal the arrival of an entirely new stream of CPM revenue for publishers, based on performance display campaigns. Criteo alone has increased the impressions it buys on behalf of PPC advertisers by more than 40 billion over the last year."Criteo is exhibiting tremendous growth," said Jared Lansky, vice president of demand services, AdMeld. "As one of our valued demand partners, they deliver new revenue opportunities for our premium publishers and highly relevant advertising to their users. We look forward to growing our partnership."Criteo's display ad retargeting solution provides a way for publishers to monetize inventory at higher CPMs, with high-quality advertisements and without cannibalizing their direct sales force. Criteo's retargeting campaigns focus on delivering ultra-relevant, individually personalized, highly converted ads to lost prospects that have left an advertiser's site. A Criteo study showed that retargeted prospects are 70 percent more likely to purchase, and will spend 50 percent more, than those that have not been retargeted. Research also indicates that advertising budgets are likely to increase primarily on performance display advertising, including CPC campaigns throughout the coming year."For too long, the display business has been a zero-sum game, where one publisher's win is another's loss. By bringing true performance campaigns through PPC personalized retargeting, we are bringing genuinely incremental revenue into the display industry. We are focused on delivering new revenue to our nearly 900 global publisher partners, ensuring that we complement the great work of their direct sales forces. Every day we work hard to try and ensure we can increase the CPM we pay, the volume we are able to buy and the quality of the creative that we deliver to our publishers' users," said Jonathan Wolf, chief business development officer at Criteo.According to the IAB, Internet advertising was valued at $12.1 billion throughout Q1-Q2, totaling an 11.3 percent increase from the previous quarter. In Q2, online ad spending grew 13.9 percent to $6.18 billion. With more than 700 of the top worldwide e-commerce companies using Criteo's personalized retargeting technology and generating industry-leading ROI, the company is playing a large part in driving this massive ad spend.In support of this growth and opportunity, Criteo also recently opened a New York office to better serve its East Coast-based publishing partners. The new location enables Criteo's local teams to develop stronger relationships with publishers as retargeting technologies become a more integral sector of the publishing business model."Online consumers are more fragmented than ever, and there's greater pressure for companies to target this fragmented audience. Traditional display retargeting simply is not enough for e-commerce companies -- personalization ramifies this problem," said Ron Grant, former president and COO at AOL. "Publishers are witnessing huge benefits because personalized retargeting not only amplifies media buys, but complements all other online marketing spend."About Criteo
Criteo is the global leader in scalable personalized retargeting. Criteo enables e-commerce companies to re-engage with website visitors who have left their site via retargeted personalized display ads. These ads are dynamically generated on-the-fly with product recommendations based on the visitor's product-viewing history. Criteo's turnkey solution is a "one-stop-shop" for ad campaign deployment, including: personalized banner design, media planning, ad serving, campaign optimization and real-time reporting. Criteo's service is based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, therefore clients pay only when prospects click-through and return to their website, creating a low-risk, high return value proposition. Criteo displays billions of uniquely personalized retargeted banners each month and works with more than 700 of the top worldwide e-commerce companies. For more information, please visit http://www.criteo.com.