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Dachis Group Announces Formation of the Social Business Council

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - 05/24/11) - Dachis Group, the world's largest Social Business consultancy, introduced today the Social Business Council, the next step in the evolution of Dachis Group's 2.0 Adoption Council. This peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing and information network is expressly designed to help Social Business leaders learn from one another, share concrete experiences to gain practical insights, and identify innovative business practices.Expanding on the foundation established by the 2.0 Adoption Council, the Social Business Council reflects the move within Fortune 2000 Businesses from adoption and early pioneering activity to increased states of maturation and the operationalization of Social Business activities. The Council is a holistic resource for professionals working in all areas of Social Business. It fosters an environment optimized for collaboration and innovation as well as the sharing of best practices and problem solving that Social Business professionals require to navigate today's rapid business evolution. At no charge, Social Business Council members can look forward to:

  • Opportunities to connect with an expansive network of social media evangelists and practitioners from the world's largest organizations.
  • Access to the best source for Social Business learning and community on the social web, with a broad focus on topics from the development of long-term strategic planning to the practical elements of tactical implementations.
  • Insights, experiences, and real-time market intelligence from Dachis Group's global team of Social Business consultants and practitioners. Dachis Group's team of global professionals is committed to regular and active participation in the council to both learn from and share expertise with other members.
  • Access to ongoing research, special curated content, case studies, industry insights, special interest groups, and peer-led discussions on a variety of relevant Social Business topics.
  • Industry recognition through programs such as webinars, workshops, and awards programs.
  • Access and invitations to industry events and programs.

"As we move from nascent attempts at piloting Social Business initiatives, to truly operationalizing Social Business, the Social Business Council's peer knowledge network of industry professionals will be invaluable in driving actionable results," said Jeffrey Dachis, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Dachis Group. "I'm looking forward to seeing every individual practicing Social Business in their organizations, becoming Social Business Council members, and engaging in a robust dialog on the issues that are crucial to maximizing value of Social Business initiatives.""Social Business is not just theory; businesses have been putting the principles into practice," said Peter Kim, Chief Strategy Officer. "The change in name and focus of the Council reflects the market maturation that our members are driving and the world is witnessing.""Every day, our members are being asked to collaborate with teams working on social initiatives that bring important data back to the enterprise," said Susan Scrupski, founder of the 2.0 Adoption Council. "Social Business succeeds when all teams are speaking the same language and collaborating fluidly across the enterprise. We are thrilled to see the market advance to this next level of sophistication. Our members will benefit enormously from this expanded charter and new members will benefit similarly from the vast experience of our early evangelists."Whether marketers, IT professionals, management, or other areas of a business, membership in the Council is open to Social Business professionals who are actively engaged in the strategic development or delivery of any aspect of a Social Business initiative or program within a large business. The Social Business Council will welcome all professionals who share a common goal of delivering 21st century social connectivity and collaboration to their businesses. All Council members should be committed to an active role in transforming their companies to better listen, connect, communicate, participate, and engage with their constituents wherever they are.Those interested in membership should fill out the membership application on the Social Business Council site. The Council also maintains a Facebook® page, Twitter feed, and Slideshare page as windows into Council activities.Dachis Group is excited about the expanded role the Social Business Council will play in amplifying the Social Business efforts of individual members, as well as the impact the combined experiences and insights of its current and future members will have on the industry as a whole.About Dachis Group
Dachis Group is the world's leading Social Business consultancy.Social Business Design is connecting with your customers + your workforce + your enterprise to create powerful business value. The company has developed a framework for Social Business Design by addressing organizational transformation across business systems, process, and culture. Through its three main Social Business practice areas, Social Business Strategy, Social Business Engagement, and Social Business Intelligence, Dachis Group helps large organizations become more connected and engaged with their constituents. Dachis Group also hosts a series of annual Social Business Summits around the world and operates the Social Business Council, the largest peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing community for active Social Business practitioners.Dachis Group serves or has serviced clients including AT&T, BBC, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Estée Lauder, General Electric, HBO, Hewlett Packard, Nestlé, Target, and UBS.Founded in 2008 by Jeffrey Dachis, the company offers services around the globe with offices in ten cities in five countries, employing over 250 professionals. Dachis Group is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Lincoln, Nebraska; New York, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Portland, Oregon; St. Louis, Missouri; London, England; Sydney, Australia; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Madrid, Spain.Dachis Group operates as Dachis Group; Archrival | Dachis Group; Headshift | Dachis Group; Stuzo | Dachis Group; XPLANE | Dachis Group; and The Social Business Council.Follow Dachis Group on Twitter.Follow Dachis Group on Facebook.If you are interested in finding out how Dachis Group can help your business, contact inquiries@dachisgroup.com.Stay on top of the most current thinking on Social Business Design in the Dachis Group Collaboratory.To learn more about Social Business Design, download our Social Business Design white paper.Dachis Group is always looking for talented individuals and leaders, contact opportunities@dachisgroup.com.For more information, contact info@dachisgroup.com.Dachis Group
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