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Electronic Cigarettes Debut at NASCAR Event, Enter the Club Scene

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - 05/12/11) - Beach Marketing reports on internet consumer trends. Since 2009, the company has chronicled the rise of electronic cigarettes, the popular vapor cigarette alternative that provides a nicotine-filled smoking sensation for people who are looking to smoke without ash, waste, or second hand smoke. The company is proud to announce a new innovation in the industry as well as a company that is sponsoring a NASCAR driver.Keeping up with the growth of the electronic cigarette industry has kept e cigarette guru Andy Gray quite busy. In the last two years he's seen an industry hit several peaks and valleys that have led him to answer questions on his popular e cigarette review blog into the wee hours of the morning. Beach Marketing caught up with Gray to discuss some recent news in the industry."I'm proud to announce that it's going to be a great Summer," gloated Gray. When prompted for further clarification, he responded "Green Smoke is sponsoring NASCAR driver TJ Bell at the Coca Cola 600 and Blu Cigs is launching a new product that combines social networking and smoking vapor cigarettes."Gray refers to the recent announcements like a kid in candy store. Two years ago he had his first e cigarette (short for electronic cigarette) and quit tobacco products entirely. Using his free time and technology experience, he dreamt that one day the world would be free of the odor, waste, and nasty effects of tobacco cigarettes. "My blog is for educational purposes. I'm here to teach consumers what these devices are for. Many people do not know about e cigarettes. For almost two years I've been the leading expert on this topic -- reaching a global audience and making news in the process. We're only scratching the surface. The recent Green Smoke and Blu Cigs announcements are a tremendous step in the right direction. I can't wait until more people find out just how amazing these products are."A full explanation of the Green Smoke NASCAR sponsorship, as well as the latest product release by Blu Cigs -- called the "Smart Pack" -- is available on Gray's electronic cigarette review website. Consumers from around the world are invited to interact with Gray, ask questions, and help one another.