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FanBridge Launches FanFinder Suite, First-of-Its Kind Fan Targeting Technology for Social Media and Online Channels

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 06/29/11) - FanBridge (www.fanbridge.com), the Fan Relationship Management and Marketing platform that allows influencers to engage, grow and monetize their fan following, today launched its "FanFinder Suite" (www.fanbridge.com/fanfindersuite/) as part of FanBridge Marketing Solutions, a new division designed to give clients promotional opportunities across various online channels. The FanFinder Suite will initially target music clients, and allow them to connect with targeted fans that frequent highly trafficked social networks, music blogs, lifestyle sites, and other relevant destinations."To date, artists and labels have had relatively few and often poorly performing options when it comes to their hard earned marketing dollars," said Spencer Richardson, co-founder and CEO of FanBridge. "Our new FanBridge Marketing Solutions offer a terrific resource for clients looking to get more bang for their buck, by focusing on better targeted methods for more effectively growing and engaging fan audiences across email, Facebook, and other important social channels like YouTube, StumbleUpon, and Twitter."The FanFinder Suite is currently comprised of two offerings:FanFinder Interactive Ads -- A first of its kind, this solution utilizes intelligent targeting technology to ensure that only viewers who are likely to appreciate the content in each custom-built Ad will ever see them. The interactive interface has the capacity to stream audio, play video, feature flash animation, drive fans to additional web properties via click-thru optimization, and support the build-out of fan email lists through incentivized media exchanges.After pilot testing FanFinder Interactive Ads, FanBridge realized a projected return on a $1,000 investment yielding approximately 25,000 combined interactions (song plays, clicks, call-to-action responses, emails collected, etc.).FanFinder Social Media Boost -- Through the rigorous testing of hundreds of Facebook Ad variations, FanBridge can drive an abundance of "Likes" to any Fan Page while maximizing return on investment. In addition to such efforts, they can leverage robust advertising opportunities on any of the following: Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, MySpace, AdMob and Plenty of Fish.After pilot testing FanFinder Social Media Boost for each artist with their Facebook service, FanBridge realized a projected return on a $5,000 investment yielding Matt & Kim 9,574 Likes, and Def Leppard 14,062 Likes (Def Leppard's larger stature drove the Cost Per Like down).To help kick FanBridge Marketing Solutions into high gear, today FanBridge also announced the appointment of Chris Gesualdi as Marketing Solutions Manager. Gesualdi will lead the Marketing Solutions division and drive product development for both new and existing FanBridge clients. He was previously the Marketing and Sales Director at Ariel Publicity, an online music public relations firm, where he developed marketing and social media strategy for his clients."The drive and vigor evident at FanBridge is contagious and I'm delighted to be part of the team," said Gesualdi. "I'm excited to lay the foundation for the company's Marketing Solutions efforts, and look forward to leading the charge as this sector expands into many different verticals."Pricing and Availability
FanBridge is currently rolling out the first phase of Marketing Solutions and is accepting applicants with marketing budgets of $500 - $5,000. If you would like to be considered for inclusion, please contact Gesualdi directly at 917-213-5120 or chris@fanbridge.com. A self-serve platform featuring additional price points will be available in the near future.About FanBridge
FanBridge is a Fan Relationship Management and Marketing platform that merges email, Facebook and other social networking platforms with direct-to-fan engagement tools to grow, engage and monetize consumer fan bases for artists, brands and other influencers. The self-serve FanBridge platform is used by clients around the world, ranging from well-established music influencers such as Linkin Park, John Legend and Imogen Heap to smaller, independent artists looking to grow and profit from building valuable fan relationships. FanBridge currently manages more than 100 million valuable fan relationships, and in January 2011, acquired damntheradio, a leading platform for creating media-rich Facebook Pages. For more information, please visit www.fanbridge.com or follow FanBridge on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FanBridge and Twitter @fanbridge.