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Fresh Healthy Cafe Helps Employers Reduce Health Benefit Costs With Workplace Health Rewards

PORT ORANGE, FL--(Marketwire -11/01/11)- Employers all over Florida will be kicking off open enrollment periods this month. One thing employees will notice is that prices have increased on most health plan benefits. However, Fresh Healthy Cafe is working with area businesses and workers to save money by promoting healthier eating habits to help keep health care costs affordable. They are kicking off their new Workplace Health Rewards just in time for open enrollment and the start of the New Year resolution season.

"Promoting healthier eating habits is an easy and affordable way to control health care costs and foster employee wellness," said Pete Patel with Fresh Healthy Café in Port Orange, FL. "Offering healthier food options encourage employees to make smart choices about what they eat. They then take those habits home and help their families eat better. Making simple changes at work can help employers reduce the overall costs of health care benefits for their employees."

Not only can Fresh Healthy Café develop workplace health rewards that encourage healthier choices for employee lunches, they can also create better meals for on-site meetings, events, and even catered holiday parties.

Best of all, the healthy food from the workplace health rewards program also tastes great and will keep employees happy. Fresh wraps, grilled sandwiches, crisp salads, fresh fruit smoothies and fresh squeezed juices are all part of the workplace health lineup from Fresh Healthy Café.

"Our workplace health meals pack plenty of great nutrition at an affordable price," Patel said. "Plus promoting workplace health means that your employees could have fewer sick days, lower medical costs, higher productivity and increased job satisfaction."

Fresh Healthy Café is offering area employers complimentary Lunch and Learn nutritional information workshops where employees can learn how to reduce their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, while having an opportunity to enjoy a healthy lunch. The restaurant also offers 10 percent off online orders at their www.freshhealthylunches.com website, and 5 percent cash back bonus rewards.

Workplace Health Rewards Inquiries can be made at 386-675-6580 or The Pavilion of Port Orange, Suite #400, 5521 South Williamson Blvd. Port Orange, FL 32128.