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Get cheap auto insurance rates you deserve

Marcia Passos Duffy

You may have had your same auto insurance policy for years. But, as you get older, marry, change jobs or have other life changes, you could be eligible for cheap auto insurance rates.Here are some scenarios that can work to your advantage when you're looking to buy cheap auto insurance:

  • You bought a home. Often, insurance companies offer lower premiums if you purchase auto and homeowners insurance together.
  • You're working from home. Make sure your car insurance company knows you are no longer commuting. Insurance companies charge partly according to how far you drive to a job every day.
  • You are a safe driver. Check to see if your insurance company is up to date on your driving record, especially if you go years without a ticket. Also, ask about other lifestyle premium reductions, such as a nonsmoker discount.
  • Your child has left the nest. If you have a child in college more than 100 miles away, you can take him or her off your car insurance policy. But remember, your son or daughter can't drive your car when they come home to visit.

Other ways to save on car insurance premiums

  • Pay annually. You get charged for the privilege of getting a regular bill. Instead, pay your policy in full, if you can, or in two payments per year. Often, you get a discount for paying this way.
  • Review periodically. Insurance companies won't necessarily adjust your rates because you are older or now married. So make sure that every year you ask an agent to review your policy.
  • Shop around. It pays to compare companies for the best insurance quote. Get at least three quotes before making a decision. You can call insurance companies directly or visit Bankrate.com to compare cheap auto insurance rates.
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