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Image Space Media Debuts "Photostitial(TM)" Ad Unit Offering New Monetization Opportunities for Publishers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 07/06/11) - Image Space Media, the recognized leader in In-Image advertising, today launched the 'Photostitial™' ad unit. The 'Photostitial™' combines the reach and impact of an interstitial with the content and contextual relevancy of an image.Photostitial™ units appear within editorial images upon page load for up to 15 seconds as part of a visitor's viewing session. By creating unrivaled contextual relevancy between an image and the advertiser, Image Space Media's new units retain consumer engagement with a brand's product or service for longer than a typical ad, creating better retention and ad impact. In addition to contextual targeting, Image Space Media also offers a full range of audience targeting methodologies such as subject, demographics, behavioral, and geographic.The In-Image ads follow the IAB standard for user-initiated advertising. Because the ads are delivered into visual content, they have a much more expansive reach and engagement than traditional banners ads.With the new Photostitial™ format, publishers have the ability to create new ad inventory from all visual content. It also does not interfere with any other ad space on their site and is invisible to visitors when there is no ad to serve or if they don't rollover an image. Photostitial™ implementation requires zero integration from the publisher and is easily delivered through any popular ad serving system including DoubleClick, OpenX and Right Media. The uniqueness of the format allows publishers to obtain a higher CPM for their image and photo inventory.Advertisers benefit from the new format due to its striking contextual relevancy designed to engage users and allow them to control the environment in which their ad is seen. Since the Photostitial™ supports complete interactivity, advertisers can link their ads to additional assets including rich media, video, and special contest pages."Consumers are spending an increasing amount of time online, viewing celebrity, travel and lifestyle images as well as images that help illustrate editorial content, but with pervasiveness of banner blindness, advertisers are finding it more and more difficult to find a scalable way to successfully and easily capture and engage these consumers online," said Jesse Chenard, CEO, Image Space Media. "Our new Photostitial™ units help advertisers maximize the impact of their online advertising by seamlessly integrating immersive contextual experiences with Image Space Media's In-Image Photostitial™ inventory, campaign implementation, and detailed reporting, ensuring greater user engagement and easy campaign management."Content featured on the custom ad unit is provided by the advertiser as well as created internally by Image Space Media. More information about the 'Photostitial™' can be found at www.imagespacemedia.com/photostitialAbout Image Space Media
Image Space Media is the leading provider of In-Image advertising for the Internet and the creator of the Photostitial™ ad unit. In-Image advertising is a fresh and innovative ad solution that pairs brand messages with contextually relevant images to reach highly engaged audiences. Image Space Media unlocks additional premium, above-the-fold inventory for publishers and offers marketers access to a unique ad space that is polite, viewer-controlled, and linked directly to the image content. For more information visit: www.imagespacemedia.comImage Available: http://www2.marketwire.com/mw/frame_mw?attachid=1664213