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Interface Biologics Announces Licensing Agreement With Navilyst Medical

TORONTO, CANADA--(Marketwire -10/25/11)- Interface Biologics Inc. (IBI), a privately held commercial stage developer of transformative biomedical-polymer products, is pleased to announce a definitive license and supply agreement with Navilyst Medical, a leading manufacturer of image-guided medical technologies. Under this agreement, Navilyst Medical has exclusive access to incorporate IBI's Endexo™ technology in its vascular access products.

Endexo™ is a self-locating bio-medical polymer additive that results in a passivating surface that reduces platelet adhesion, protein adsorption and thrombus formation on medical devices. As an additive, Endexo™ has significant manufacturing advantages over other anti-thrombogenic coating or impregnation alternatives and does not change the mechanical design parameters or functional properties of the underlying medical device. By enhancing the biocompatibility of medical devices, Endexo™ may ultimately improve their safety and effectiveness and advance the quality of care provided to patients.

Following Canadian approval in August, Navilyst Medical launched BioFlo™ PICCs with Endexo™ Technology at the 36th Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Vascular Access Association Conference (CVAA) in Toronto last week.

"We looked into numerous additives to further enhance the biocompatibility of our vascular access products, but none showed the promise of Endexo™," commented Ron Sparks, Chairman and CEO of Navilyst Medical. "With no heparin, no coating and no impregnation, BioFlo™ PICCs with Endexo™ Technology are unique - providing a catheter material more resistant to the accumulation of blood components (platelets and thrombus)."

Tom Reeves, President and CEO of Interface Biologics stated that "We've been working with Navilyst Medical since November of 2009 and have been extremely impressed with the depth and thoroughness of their testing regime. The launch of Navilyst Medical's BioFlo™ PICC with Endexo™ Technology represents the first regulatory approval of a medical device that utilizes our Endexo™ Technology - a significant milestone for IBI and evidence of our continued commercial traction."

About Interface Biologics Inc.

Interface Biologics (IBI) is an early commercial stage privately held company that develops transformative biomedical polymer technology to improve the safety and effectiveness of medical devices. IBI's primary technology focus areas are anti-thrombogenic devices that reduce thrombosis without the need for heparin and programmable combination drug delivery devices. For more information about Interface Biologics, please visit www.interfacebiologics.com.

About Navilyst Medical

Navilyst Medical Inc., headquartered in Marlborough, MA, was formed in February 2008 from Boston Scientific's Fluid Management and Vascular Access business units. Its breakthrough devices, including the PASV™ Valve Technology, expanded line of Xcela™ Power Injectable PICCs and world-leading NAMIC® Fluid Management products, help hospitals to achieve safe, favorable outcomes for patients. For more information, please visit: www.navilystmedical.com.