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Is Apple Preparing An All-Out Onslaught Against Dropbox?

Ellis Hamburger

If you place files inside a hidden Mobile Documents folder on your Mac, these files will sync immediately to all of your other Apple devices and Macs, MacWorld discovered.

This file-syncing solution is meant only for apps that utilize iCloud's "Documents And Data" syncing feature.Popping files into the folder isn't as easy right now as it is with Dropbox and SugarSync. But it is strong evidence that Apple is considering a new Dropbox-like project.All Apple would have to do is make this folder visible and call it "My iCloud Files." Apple didtry to buy Dropbox that one time, after all, and got rejected big time.Apple's iDisk cloud server has filled this gap up until now, but iDisk got lost inside the iCloud mix. There has been some evidence (pictured below) that Apple is thinking about an iCloud folder for files, before this trick was found.When iCloud launched, users were left without an Apple-built solution for transporting various files between remote computers—files that aren't wrapped up in Pages, Keynote, or iTunes at least.If you want to try out the trick yourself, make sure "Documents And Data" is turned on within iCloud settings, then navigate to Library inside your Home folder, and then find Mobile Documents.Then, throw some files into the folder. These files should sync to any Macs where you're signed in using the same iCloud credentials.Right click to create an "alias" of the Mobile Documents folder on your desktop, and you're good to go. Can't find Library? Use this trick to un-hide the folder. Can't find Mobile Documents? The folder does not appear unless you've purchased apps like Pages, Numbers, or Keynote that utilize the Mobile Documents folder.