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Italy is Broke, But Government Drives in Style

While the country is at the forefront of the European debt crisis, it doesn’t mean that Italy’s defense ministers have to discontinue driving to work in style.

The Italian government recently purchased 19 Maserati supercars for its top Italian officials in Rome. The issue caused a stir by opposition MPs who believe during these times, the cars are an “outrageous indulgence”  as the country faces budget cuts of EUR $2.5 billion over the next three years.

Emanuele Fiano, an MP from the opposition Democratic Party said recently in parliament,

“At a time when millions of Italians are being affected by a very serious economic crisis, is there good reason for the defence minister to feel it necessary to add 19 armoured Maseratis to the ministry’s car park?” he said.

For many, the purchases shouldn’t come as a surprise. Italian officials have been known for their fondness of  ”auto blu” or dark blue and black limousines that go through traffic with flashing lights and police escorts.

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