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Julian Rouas Paris Celebrates 'JRP-Jackson' Perfumes With Joseph Jackson at Cannes

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - 05/19/11) - Franck Rouas, president of international perfume company Julian Rouas Paris, Inc. (JRP), and company CFO Zach Cole attended Cannes International Film Festival with business partner Joseph Jackson to celebrate the upcoming launch of JRP-Jackson, a tribute perfume line in memory of Joe's son, Michael. A portion of proceeds from the new fragrance line will be donated to charities favored by Michael.Rouas and Cole were on-hand for Mr. Jackson's press conference at Cannes to unveil exclusive details about the luxury his-and-hers fragrance line, which includes "Tribute" and "Legend," as well as an upcoming unisex fragrance; both "eau de parfums," which are currently being manufactured and bottled in Grasse, France, will make their official debut with "A Night to Remember," the JRP-Jackson launch party on June 9, 2011 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.JRP and Mr. Jackson secured the JRP-Jackson partnership last December, signing a seven-year contract. JRP is currently in negotiations with several international licensing companies and distributors to bring the JRP-Jackson fragrances to North American, European and Asian markets."I've launched many 'celebrity' perfumes through the years, but this one holds special significance because it's a personal tribute to Michael from his father Joe," remarks Rouas, who actually broke into the perfume industry after aspiring to create a fragrance in memory of his grandmother. "Conceptually, each ingredient is inspired by Michael's story. Collaborating closely with Joe, we strived to craft an essence that sincerely captured the beauty Michael brought to the world and the beauty Michael saw in the world."JRP-Jackson's "Legend": floral harmony of California lilac, jasmine and rose of Grasse, with a hint of mandarin and bergamot essential oils from Italy; fruity note stems from raspberry; supported with a musky base note, slightly vanilla yet heavily wooded with tonka bean and sandalwood.JRP-Jackson's "Tribute": sparkling blend of mandarin, lemon and bergamot essential oils from Italy with drops of baiser rose wrapped in a woody heart of Canadian pine; supported with rose and jasmine of Grasse; strengthened with French lavender and American cedar; base note is heavily musky, vanilla and woody, with patchouli essential oils and labdanum absolute.About Julian Rouas Paris, Inc.: We are a luxury perfume design company that manufactures signature fragrances from Grasse, France. An ode to romantic French pastimes, with tastefully modern sensibilities, our perfumes elicit exquisite timelessness and classic elegance. Our lines include Swing, Parfum de Gold, Versailles, LA City and VIP Spa. We use only the finest, purest ingredients, macerating essential plant oils from the French Riviera, Italy, Tunisia and Morocco. Our products are eco-friendly, sourced and packaged with environmentally-conscious materials.