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Kenexa Unveils Next-Generation Online Strengths Assessment Offering: StandOut

WAYNE, PA--(Marketwire - 06/14/11) - Kenexa (NASDAQ:KNXA - News), a global provider of business solutions for human resources, today announced its launch of StandOut™, the next-generation online strengths assessment from Marcus Buckingham. StandOut is designed to reveal an individual's top two strength roles plus deliver practical techniques to help managers and employees "win at work."As an industry leader, Kenexa offers more than 1,000 Assessment tests that enable companies to select and retain top performers based on seven key areas that predict individual performance and potential -- experience, skills, abilities, personality, motivation, judgment and culture fit. In the last two years alone, Kenexa has administered in excess of 30 million Assessments in 14 languages and in 44 countries to some of the world's largest, most respected organizations.StandOut's reports include a 20-page individual employee report that details the person's comparative advantage and greatest value to the team as well as ideal career choices. The manager's report links the team's individual assessments to provide a meaningful and actionable snapshot. Managers also receive coaching guides to reward, motivate and challenge each employee based on his or her strengths."Crucial to effective workforce management is the ability to optimize performance by leveraging employee strengths in the right roles," said Dr. Courtney McCashland, president of Kenexa's Global Assessment Division. "StandOut enables Kenexa's clients to focus, reward, engage and challenge their employees to produce the best thinking and business outcomes."She continued, "StandOut helps managers answer three questions: how can I become a better performance coach, how can my employees take responsibility for their own performance and development and how can we accelerate the uptake of best practices. By utilizing StandOut in conjunction with Kenexa's deep expertise in assessments, organizations can derive competitive advantages and attain better employee engagement."The measurement methodology used in StandOut is designed from historical research of open-ended questions and listen-for combinations. Research demonstrates this approach is more predictive than binary self-descriptors or Likert Scale statements. More information about StandOut and Kenexa's assessment practice can be accessed at http://www.kenexa.com/assessmentsAbout Kenexa
Kenexa® provides business solutions for human resources. We help global organizations multiply business success by identifying the best individuals for every job and fostering optimal work environments for every organization. For more than 20 years, Kenexa has studied human behavior and team dynamics in the workplace, and has developed the software solutions, business processes and expert consulting that help organizations impact positive business outcomes through HR. Kenexa is the only company that offers a comprehensive suite of unified products and services that support the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to exit. Additional information about Kenexa and its global products and services can be accessed at www.kenexa.com. Follow Kenexa on Twitter: @kenexa.