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ME911's Cloud-Based Emergency Service Enables Families to Easily Access and Share Vital Information and Documents 24/7... En Espanol Tambien

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire -09/12/11)- ME911, a San Francisco-based premier provider of family safety services, announced that its cloud-based service enables families to easily access and share their vital information and documents 24/7 in case of an emergency.

In the wake of Hurricane Irene that stormed through the East Coast, several people took to modern day technologies for help, whether it was connecting with loved ones through social media or finding shelters in affected areas through apps on their phone.

In fact ME911 was especially designed to help put family safety and security at a parent's fingertips. How? With ME911, members can easily store, retrieve and share their vital information and documents 24/7. Since the information is securely stored in the 'ME911 Cloud,' members can gain access to it on any device at any time.

For instance they can go online to ME911.com or use the ME911 App on their smart phone. But what if there's poor coverage or no internet access? In comes ME911's Virtual Assistant available via a 24/7 toll-free helpline. Members just have to call in and press a button to automatically have their documents emailed or faxed wherever needed.

FEMA, the American Red Cross and Google Crisis Response recently launched a web resource called 'Get Tech Ready' and one of their preparedness tips specifically calls for storing important personal and financial documents in a password-protected area in the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere.

ME911's Virtual Locker does just that. Its password-protected cloud service allows for the secure storage of vital family documents, records, licenses, titles, passports, IDs and more. Digital copies can easily be acquired by snapping pictures with ME911's app or by scanning them. Once stored, they can be easily retrieved in an emergency in three different ways -- online, via the app or by calling the helpline.

"In an emergency, people are looking for a go-to-spot when communications infrastructure is constrained. Listening to consistent feedback from our members has led to the culmination of our ME911 secure cloud-based crisis solution," said Clarence Wesley, Chief Executive Officer, ME911. "The ME911 Cloud makes vital communications infrastructure accessible 24/7 from any phone, mobile or landline, providing a lifeline to critical emergency resources."

ME911 members can also send text alerts to their emergency contacts with a GPS link automatically attached. The link pinpoints the member's current location in Google Maps, so loved ones can reach out knowing their exact location.

"We've even provided language support such that the Spanish speaking community in the Americas and abroad can access our emergency service from the same toll-free number," Mr. Wesley further stated.

A free trial of the ME911 App is now available on both iPhone and Android. To learn more visit www.ME911.com, follow the company @ME911Inc on Twitter and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ME911Inc.

About ME911

ME911 is an innovative company offering 24/7 family safety services. ME911 Mobile serves as a one-stop spot in an emergency. Members can safely store, retrieve and share their vital information 24/7 via ME911's secure Virtual Locker and Assistant and also send instant alerts to loved ones in an emergency. For more information please visit www.ME911.com.