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ME911 Releases Its Family Safety Android App, the First of Its Kind, for On-the-Go Parents

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - 03/08/11) - ME911, an innovative San Francisco based company offering family safety and security solutions, released its Android app called 'ME911' for on-the-go parents. What makes it the first of its kind is that the app turns your phone into a one-stop-spot for retrieving or sharing vital information in an emergency.For instance if a person loses a wallet and needs copies of their IDs, membership or credit cards or even if a parent is required to provide first responders with access to their child's vital information with only minutes to spare, the ME911 app swoops in to save the day! In the animated world Gotham's police use the bat signal for help in a crisis, for the real world there's ME911 Mobile."We continue to expand the range of options for parents to use our service for vital document access, child safety and the security of their family while on the go," stated Clarence Wesley, ME911 CEO. "We are very pleased to announce ME911 on Android -- it has obviously become a leading platform with lots of excitement!"When it comes to safety apps for moms and dads, the ME911 app's one-touch access saves them time in an emergency. Users can create quick emergency profiles for four family members and a pet, which includes characteristic details like age, distinguishing marks, height, and a profile photo. They can also fill out health profiles with information to help first responders effectively treat loved ones. They can also pick emergency contacts for each member for quick access in an emergency.Then there's the Virtual Locker which is a central location unique to each family member that easily captures, stores, and organizes important documents and cards like frequent flyer cards, membership and credit cards, driver's licenses, insurance info, and more for quick access when needed.The ME911 app (http://me911.com/mobile.php) is more than just document storage. It in fact address the possibility of poor internet coverage with a 24/7 Virtual Assistant that allows users to directly call in to email or fax documents stored in their Virtual Locker wherever needed to save time. The same function also allows for text alerts to be sent to emergency contacts with one-touch without having to go through an entire contact list."We are very excited to see ME911 expand its mobile offering -- now Android -- building on its successful iPhone launch," said Bena Roberts, founder and CEO, GoMo News (http://www.gomonews.com/). "ME911 Mobile presents a unique solution for family safety & security addressing a range of applications including health, child safety and making parents', particularly a mom's, lifestyle easier!"The information stored on the app is private to the user and only accessible via their unique PIN number. Once users install the app and set-up their account they also get access to ME911.com. So if they ever lose their phone they can always retrieve their information securely from ME911.com.The app is free. And as a launch special, ME911's membership service too is being offered free for a limited time. Users can search for 'ME911' on their android phones or download it at: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.kailab.me911&feature=search_resultTo learn more about ME911, visit www.ME911.com or check out the company's http://www.facebook.com/pages/ME911/86672788860 and http://twitter.com/ME911Inc pages to stay informed.About ME911ME911 is an innovative company offering 24/7 emergency response services to help keep families safe including safety mobile apps, child safety IDs, USB keychains, and pet ID tags. Members can safely store, retrieve and share their vital information 24/7 via ME911's secure Virtual Locker and Assistant and also send instant alerts to loved ones in an emergency. For more information please visit www.ME911.com.Image Available: http://www2.marketwire.com/mw/frame_mw?attachid=1537487