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Meru Empowers IT to Easily and Efficiently Address BYOD Burden With New Secure WLAN Access Solution and Breakthrough Capacity in Next Generation WLAN Solutions

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire -10/24/11)- Today, Meru Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: MERU - News) announced Smart Connect, a state-of-the-art solution that greatly simplifies WLAN access in Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) environments, as well as leading edge enhancements across its wireless LAN platform including a new class of controllers that deliver five times the capacity of any in their class, access points with integrated spectrum management and a powerful new WLAN operating system, System Director 5.

"Throughout its history, Meru Networks has pioneered innovations that address the key challenges facing large-scale WLANs and the enterprises that depend on them: capacity, reliability, and manageability," said Craig Mathias, a Principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group. "Increasing demands on the WLAN, particularly in the form of users bringing their own (and often multiple) devices for use in the enterprise point to the need for the architectural and management innovations -- like System Director 5 -- that have been the hallmark of Meru's products from the start."

Meru's new integrated WLAN solution delivers a greatly improved user experience and offers the scale, capacity, security, and manageability required for the BYOD phenomenon.

Integrated Products Deliver Scalable Wireless Capacity and Optimal Application Delivery

Meru System Director™ 5 offers market leading scalability, performance, and increased support for substantially more devices and unified communications applications, such as Microsoft™ Lync. It is the industry's only virtual wireless operating system that puts the network, rather than the client device, in control of wireless connectivity. Through its unique Air Traffic Control® technology, System Director 5 enables thousands of devices and applications to seamlessly access network resources simultaneously, ensuring equal access for all. Traditional microcell WLAN architectures often provide inconsistent wireless access and compromised quality of service. They are unable to meet the challenge of BYOD because their legacy design lets devices choose how and where to connect, with no regard for other devices or applications.

System Director 5 powers the newest Meru large-capacity controllers, the MC3200™ and MC4200™ for maximum performance and scale. With multi-core Intel i5 and i6 processors, the MC3200 and MC4200 controllers offer greatly enhanced performance with increased memory and processing power. The MC4200 supports two 10-gigabit interfaces in a 1U form factor delivering five times the capacity of other controllers in its class allowing organizations to accommodate the higher capacity demands driven by the BYOD phenomenon.

The new AP433™ access point delivers up to fifty percent higher capacity than any other access point in the industry and features a three-radio, three-stream design. The AP433is™ version offers a fully integrated RF sensor that, in conjunction with the Meru Spectrum Manager, enables proactive detection and resolution of non-Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi interference. It is designed to provide flawless application delivery and optimal performance across the RF spectrum.

Secure BYOD Access With Minimal IT Overhead

Meru's Identity Manager solution greatly simplifies network access and management for dense wireless and wired environments. Meru Smart Connect, an optional feature for Identity Manager, is designed for the most dense and diverse environments where BYOD is causing other access solutions to fail and where guest access is stressing the capacity of IT departments. Smart Connect enables automatic detection of devices as they connect to the wireless LAN and provides simple configuration for secure guest access. It features one-click self-provisioning of devices in accordance with IT security policies. Identity Manager provides common functionality across wired and wireless environments, and supports multi-vendor wireless LAN environments.

"Together, we believe these new products provide best-in-class wireless connectivity for large-scale environments where BYOD is the norm," said Kamal Anand, senior vice president of product management at Meru. "Our new portfolio is designed specifically for the rigors of BYOD, simplifying WLAN management and minimizing IT overhead. With these products, IT can cost effectively and easily automate device access and management and ensure that the applications these devices run perform reliably. These new products raise the standard for BYOD-ready wireless. Meru assures secure access for devices and individuals, scalable wireless capacity and reliable application delivery to wireless devices of all types."

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About Meru Networks
Meru Networks (NASDAQ: MERU - News) sells virtualized wireless LAN solutions that provide enterprises with the performance, reliability, predictability and operational simplicity of a wired network with the advantages of mobility. Meru's innovative network-in-control architecture virtualizes wireless access and produces an intelligent, self-monitoring WLAN. Moving to Meru lets enterprises migrate business-critical applications from wired networks to an all-wireless network able to handle the diversity and density of mobile communication devices. Meru's unique "network-in-control" wireless architecture is used by all major vertical industries including Fortune 500 businesses, health care, education, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and government. Founded in 2002, Meru is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and operates worldwide. Visit www.merunetworks.com or call (408) 215-5300 for more information.

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