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Oracle Announces Oracle Cloud Office and Oracle Open Office 3.3

REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwire - 12/15/10) - Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL - News)News Facts

  • Oracle today introduced Oracle Cloud Office and Open Office 3.3, two complete, open standards-based office productivity suites for the desktop, web and mobile devices -- helping users significantly improve productivity, reduce costs and achieve greater innovation across the enterprise.
  • Based on the Open Document Format (ODF) and open web standards, Oracle Office enables users to share files on any system as it is compatible with both legacy Microsoft Office documents and modern web 2.0 publishing.
  • Leveraging Oracle Office products, users gain personal productivity, web 2.0 collaboration and enterprise-integrated document tools on Windows, Mac, Linux, Web browsers and smartphones such as the iPhone at an unrivaled price.
  • The Oracle Office APIs and open standards-based approach provides IT users with flexibility, lower short and long-term costs and freedom from vendor lock-in -- enabling organizations to build a complete Open Standard Office Stack.

Open and Integrated for Office Productivity Anywhere

  • Oracle Cloud Office and Oracle OpenOffice 3.3 are enterprise-class office productivity suites that offer applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database and drawings.
  • Both products allow for ubiquitous document authoring and collaboration and enhanced productivity across the enterprise. Specifically:
    • Oracle Cloud Office 1.0 is a web and mobile office suite that enables web 2.0-style collaboration and mobile document access. Compatibility with Microsoft Office and integration with Oracle Open Office enable rich and seamless offline editing of complex presentations, text and spreadsheet documents.
    • Oracle Open Office 3.3 includes new enterprise connectors to Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle E-Business Suite, other Oracle Applications and Microsoft Sharepoint, to allow for fast, seamless integration into existing enterprise software stacks. In addition, it adds increased stability, compatibility and performance at up to five times lower license cost compared to Microsoft Office.
  • Oracle Cloud Office has been designed to take advantage of a flexible web-scale architecture offering elastic scaling. Customers and partners can leverage Oracle Cloud Office as an on-premise, on-demand or SaaS deployment.

Supporting Quote

  • "Oracle Cloud Office and Oracle Open Office 3.3 deliver complete, open and cost-effective office productivity suites that are designed and optimized for our customers' needs," said Michael Bemmer, vice president of Oracle Office. "Customers now have the flexibility to support users across a wide variety of devices and platforms, whether via desktop, private or public cloud. With Oracle Office, enterprises can reduce costs while helping to increase productivity and speed innovation."

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