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Professional Research on Tata Motors Ltd. and Tesla Motors Inc. -- Auto Makers Looking Towards the Future of the Industry

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA--(Marketwire - 01/20/11) - www.wallstreetequityresearch.com allows shareholders to gain full understanding of the economic and market forces influencing the auto manufacturers - major industry, and offers free research on industry players Tata Motors Ltd. (NYSE:TTM - News) and Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA - News). Register today at www.wallstreetequityresearch.com to receive free research reports on these companies.The shift towards electric vehicles is accelerating and establishing a greater presence and Asia is becoming increasingly important. Visit us at http://www.wallstreetequityresearch.com/ to understand the catalysts and forces driving or affecting auto manufacturers - major stocks.www.wallstreetequityresearch.com is a specialized website where investors can have complete access to free reports on auto manufacturers - major industry; traders looking for analyst opinions on Tata Motors Ltd., Tesla Motors Inc. and other players in the industry are welcomed to sign up for a free one year membership at http://www.wallstreetequityresearch.com/.Last week's North American International Auto Show saw the debuts of several new electric vehicles and a greater percentage of energy efficient vehicles than in years past. New vehicles like Tesla Motors Inc.'s Model S were among the highlights. Increased competition in the market for electric vehicles could make pricing a problem moving forward though. Affordable vehicle makers like India's Tata Motors Ltd. may have an edge, especially in foreign markets. Shareholders and investors can sign up today at http://wallstreetequityresearch.com/January202011TataMotorsLtd.(TTM)200111.php or http://wallstreetequityresearch.com/January202011TeslaMotorsInc.(TSLA)200111.php to download the full reports on Tata Motors Ltd. and Tesla Motors Inc.In Asia, one of US top player in the automobile industry announced this week that it will be rebranding in South Korea. The rebranding is part of a larger effort to establish a greater presence in the country. Strong vehicle demand in China is leading to new plants and dealerships. Ford saw vehicle sales climb over 40% in China in 2010 and is looking to build upon that growth in 2011.About Wall Street Equity Research:
Wall Street Equity Research looks to bring simplicity and highly sophisticated research to an ever-changing investing environment. Wall Street Equity Research has been partnering with a number of North American and Emerging Economies analysts to bring you the best of both continents in terms of market analysis and analytical opinions.