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QT Talk Unveils Free International Calling Phone Application for BlackBerry(R) Smartphones

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 10/06/10) - QT Talk, a leading prepaid international long distance provider for residential, business, and mobile services, announces today the launch of its "QT Talk International" phone application for BlackBerry® Smartphones, available as a free download that will instantly grant users $3 of free international calling. The application is designed to provide users with a simple, cost effective way to make international calls from their mobile devices, while also granting a "bonus" incentive of free calls anywhere in the world. Once downloaded to a user's mobile device, QT Talk will automatically become the user's international call carrier, allowing the user to dial internationally quickly and easily."In this day and age, it is all about saving time and money," states Eric Ramos, President of QT Talk. "With QT Talk's international BlackBerry Smartphone application, downloading is quick, free and seamless; instantly granting users with free international calling across the QT Talk network."With American consumers paying an average $1.09 per phone application, compared with just twenty ($0.20) cents or less in several other regions, according to wireless consultant, Chetan Sharma, the QT Talk International BlackBerry Smartphone application will do the opposite. It will pay its users to download the application, offering $3 of international calls upon installation."It's a win-win for customers," continues Ramos. "Not only are they receiving free international calls, but they are subscribing to a high quality, inexpensive international carrier that will allow for seamless calling around the world, eliminating the need -- and often higher cost -- of other international calling carriers. Because of our cost-effective programs we are seeing over 35% of free trial users convert to subscriber accounts for on-going use."With the QT Talk International BlackBerry Smartphone application, QT Talk's flexible, cost-effective international calling carrier service could replace the more costly international carrier services available with most mobile phone plans. With QT Talk there are no hidden fees or extra charges.To download QT Talk's free application for use with BlackBerry Smartphones, please visit www.qttalk.com. For more information, please email questions@qttalk.com or call +1 212.431.3669.About QT Talk:
QT Talk provides smart VoIP calling solutions for Residential, Business and Mobile Services. The company provides flexible and affordable calling plans delivered through its Hosted VoIP platform, residential IP connectivity, business Internet and Mobile devices, replacing traditional telephone service, international calling plans and calling card programs. QT Talk services can be bought from a number of retail outlets, leading telephony consultants and directly by contacting 212-461-3669.For more information, please visit www.qttalk.com