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Radient Pharmaceuticals Expects to See Benefits From Previously Undisclosed New Major Partnership in India

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - 06/10/11) - In an exclusive interview, Dr. Umesh Bhatia, Ph.D, senior advisor for the Onko-Sure for Radient Pharmaceuticals' (AMEX:RPC - News) operations in India, has revealed that his group has secured a major new partnership that should clearly benefit Radient and is expected to impact the company's bottom line."The India operations have come a long way," explains Bhatia. "They started several years ago and achieved approval from the (Indian) Health Ministry to import and sell Onko-Sure in India. That process took about a year or so. They did several studies with major cancer hospitals which were very important to establish that Onko-Sure would give similar results in the Indian population (as those seen in other populations when checking for various cancers). Besides the government sponsored programs which we have continued to diligently work on, there is a new joint venture/partnership with Super Religare Laboratories which is the biggest diagnostics lab in India. They serve over fifty-thousand doctors in every hospital, in every state in India."According to Super Religare Laboratories' own website the firm performs over 33,000 tests per day and catered to approximately 4.20 million customers during the nine month period ended December 31, 2010. They offer a comprehensive range of over 3,300 diagnostic tests, from the routine to the highly specialized tests covering most known diseases.Asked why Radient had not disclosed this positive development in recent filings or issued a press release about the development, Dr. Bhatia said that the new partnership had been established directly through his efforts and Gaur Diagno -- the exclusive India-based distribution partners of Radient -- and not by Radient Pharmaceuticals itself."We're currently in launch prep mode. Given the massive population base, Radient should clearly benefit and sell more units, but we are the ones who established the connection and have been busy training hundreds of sales reps," explained Bhatia. "Even this past week I have been personally helping to train sales teams who will help doctors in all those labs and hospitals adopt the Onko-Sure test. They are all very excited and feel the low-cost cancer detection technology allows them a strong differentiation in a marketplace full of various other tests which are more expensive. In fact, I've been asked to train more sales personnel than we had anticipated and they will be gradually deployed in this process."In addition, we have teamed up with another government screening program in another major cancer hospital and are in very late-stage talks with them to do a joint banner program with them, this time in Southern India. This is all positive news, but I think the message here is that the efforts in India are focused on the long term success for Onko-Sure and that we all remain steadfast in our progress."While Dr. Bhatia's revelations sound promising, the original government backed screening program for Northern India which was announced so enthusiastically, has failed to launch as planned according to the most recent SEC filing issued by Radient. A special report about that development and what this partnership news could mean to investors is available now at:http://biomedreports.com/2011061068643/despite-setbacks-radient-pharmaceuticals-lands-major-partnership-in-india.htmlIn addition, investors interested in accessing BioMedReports' new complete database of clinical trials and upcoming FDA and world-wide regulatory decisions which can be used to make more profitable trades can go to:http://biomedreports.com/access-our-exclusive-fda-and-clinical-trials-calendars.htmlNews developments and live healthcare sector updates are available constantly via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/BioMedReportsAbout BioMedReports.ComBioMedReports is a news portal covering the biomedical news and financial sector. BioMedReports is not paid or compensated to report the news and developments of publicly traded companies in the healthcare sector of the markets. Full disclosures and information about these stocks and news are available at BioMedReports.Com