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SOFA Entertainment and Highly Relevant Re-Launch EdSullivan.com

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - 11/18/10) - SOFA Entertainment, owner of The Ed Sullivan Show library, turned to Highly Relevant for a complete redesign of its website (www.EdSullivan.com) and a full online marketing campaign to promote the show's DVD and video collections. The end product is a high-converting, attractive website that appeals to both silver surfers and the younger generation. Since its re-launch, EdSullivan.com has seen its unique visitors and overall traffic more than triple in size.Ed Sullivan is one of the most visible brands in American television history; the show featured iconic performers, such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones. Through their partnership, SOFA Entertainment and Highly Relevant sought to reinvigorate the Ed Sullivan website. One key goal of the website restructure was to properly market the digital performances and DVD's of the Ed Sullivan Show to appeal to fans of different ages. SOFA Entertainment and Highly Relevant are both striving to take original fans back to fond childhood memories of the show as well as to attract a younger audience with a wide collection of content. The DVD section of the website features compilations of the show's most popular artists, including the Rock & Roll Classics DVD set, Topo Gigio & Friends, and The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show DVD which has been a mainstay at the top of the Billboard charts. For music lovers, the site features videos of legendary musicians, such as The Doors, Elvis and The Jackson 5 on The Ed Sullivan Show.EdSullivan.com makes it a breeze for fans to find their favorite Ed Sullivan Show moments and have created a seamless shopping experience featuring a smooth checkout process. With a single click of the mouse, fans are on their way to owning a piece of television history.SOFA Entertainment and Highly Relevant are proud of the broad appeal of the website. Much like the show, EdSullivan.com offers a variety of content: comedy, rock, Broadway, novelty, opera, soul and jazz. Users can enjoy great television moments of The Ed Sullivan Show, from Elvis' legendary "waist-up only" performance to the 1964 American television debut of The Beatles.Just in time for the holidays, SOFA Entertainment and Highly Relevant have brought back the golden era of television with EdSullivan.com.