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Silver Skeptics Miss the Big Picture

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 01/28/11) - After touching 30 year highs to kick off the New Year, silver prices have slumped in recent weeks. Most of the selloff appears to stem from the idea that greater global economic stability will make the precious metals market less attractive as an investment. Silver, however, is as much an industrial metal as it is a precious metal, leading many in the analyst community to argue that an improving economy will lead to greater industrial demand for silver. The Bedford Report examines the outlook for the Silver Market and provides research reports on Hecla Mining Co. (NYSE:HL - News) and Silver Wheaton Corporation (NYSE:SLW - News). Access to the full company reports can be found at:www.bedfordreport.com/2011-01-HLwww.bedfordreport.com/2011-01-SLWAccording to The Silver Institute, at least half of the demand for silver is industrial with silver being applied to batteries, brazing and soldering, bearings and electronics. New technologies in solar energy, water purification and medical instruments are expected to keep industrial demand for the metal surging going forward.Robin Bhar, an analyst at Credit Agricole, argues that "Demand for silver is probably driven more by Asia than anywhere else in the world." China's silver demand has more than doubled in the last decade due in part to the nations surging electronics industry. China was a net exporter of silver for many years but by 2007 the country had become a net importer of the metal.The Bedford Report releases regular updates on The Silver Market so investors can stay ahead of the crowd and make the best investment decisions to maximize their returns. Take a few minutes to register with us free at www.bedfordreport.com and get exclusive access to our numerous analyst reports and industry newsletters.The bulls who believe that silver prices will continue to surge may be inclined to look into silver miners. Investors in silver miners are banking on rising earnings, as silver prices rise, to provide value. Some miners sound confident that silver's run will continue and have started new mining ventures. However the sale of several silver sites may suggest that the industry peaked last year.Silver Wheaton is a silver streamer which means it pays to finance a mine and subsequently gets the right to buy metals produced from that mine. Year-on-year earnings at Silver Wheaton have surged an impressive 82 percent.The Bedford Report provides Analyst Research focused on equities that offer growth opportunities, value, and strong potential return. We strive to provide the most up-to-date market activities. We constantly create research reports and newsletters for our members. The Bedford Report has not been compensated by any of the above-mentioned publicly traded companies. The Bedford Report is compensated by other third party organizations for advertising services. We act as an independent research portal and are aware that all investment entails inherent risks. Please view the full disclaimer at http://www.bedfordreport.com/disclaimer