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Software Secure Unveils Remote Proctor Now, a Cost-Effective, On-Demand Secure Testing Solution at Educause 2011

PHILADELPHIA, PA and NEWTON, MA--(Marketwire -10/18/11)- Booth #302 -- Software Secure, Inc., a pioneer in secure, computer-based testing solutions, today announced at the 2011 Educause Annual Conference, the release of Remote Proctor Now, a cost-effective, on-demand testing solution for any group size, from one test instance to thousands. Available immediately, Remote Proctor Now is quick to deploy and easy to use, does not require IT staff to manage, and provides online exam integrity that exceeds the evolving standards of accrediting bodies. Learn more about Remote Proctor Now http://softwaresecure.com/solution/RemoteProctorNow.aspx.

Douglas M. Winneg, Founder and CEO of Software Secure, said, "Software Secure, with its tiered-levels of security for any kind of computer-based exam, empowers organizations to choose the best product that meets their needs, and those of their students. Remote Proctor Now brings integrity to online exams with the student's own computer and web camera. By removing human proctors, Remote Proctor Now eliminates cost, inaccuracies and scheduling headaches associated with using a live proctor. While clearly providing the online students greater convenience and value, it provides assurance to institutions and students alike that all tests are being monitored for online exam integrity and authenticity."

As a webcam-based solution, Remote Proctor Now is an on-demand, easy to use, low-cost alternative to testing centers, personal proctors, and other inconvenient methods of securing the online testing environment. Students can take tests at their convenience, in the comfort of their own homes, using their computer and a webcam. Remote Proctor Now eliminates the need for acquiring new hardware or software, student set-up and scheduling.

Remote Proctor Now, a logical evolution from Software Secure's 2011 CODiE Award-winning Remote Proctor Pro technology, is already earning high praise from its new customers. The College of Westchester, for example, needed an easy, secure and cost-effective method to authenticate students participating in its distance-learning programs. "Live proctoring solutions are not always more effective in catching exam violators, and can be costly," said Mary Beth Del Balzo, Vice-President, College of Westchester Online Division. "Remote Proctor Now is secure, and can be deployed quickly, easily, and inexpensively, and it exceeds all the requirements of accreditors."

Remote Proctor Now is also meeting the growing needs for integrity in online exams taken in K-12. Another customer, Alisa Jones, Supervisor of Instructional Resources and Clay Virtual Academy in Florida, said, "With more than 300 full- and part-time students who take virtual education courses, we needed an alternative to making our parents drive their children to a centralized brick and mortar site for testing. It was equally important to us to have secure Progress Monitoring testing but also be convenient for students and parents. The Progress Monitoring tests measure student readiness for the high-stakes state mandated assessments (FCAT). Remote Proctor Now is a perfect solution for us as it fits both criteria while also being the most cost-effective solution that we found on the market."

To learn more about Remote Proctor Now's features and how it delivers test convenience while assuring exam integrity, register for the Webinar on November 2nd at 11AM ET here. Watch a demo of Remote Proctor Now.

About Software Secure
Software Secure is a leading provider of secure and cost-effective computer-based testing solutions for traditional and distance learning environments in higher education and certification programs. With a suite of products that provide robust authentication and tiered-levels of security, institutions can now achieve secure, convenient and scalable exam integrity wherever or whenever exams are administered. A 2011 CODiE Award winner, academic institutions trust Software Secure for solutions that help them achieve regional and national accreditation standards including those found in the HEOA 2008. To learn more about our perspective, please visit Software Secure's corporate blog at http://www.softwaresecure.com/news/blog.aspx. (www.softwaresecure.com).