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Study Reveals Buy Side Firms Entrust Most Difficult Trades to Pipeline

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 04/07/11) - Pipeline Trading Systems today announced that it is ranked first among all brokers in trading difficulty of executed orders, according to a new global study recently completed by Ancerno, Ltd. (formerly a unit of Abel/Noser Corporation).(1) In the same study, Pipeline is also ranked among the Top 10 brokers for execution quality in North America."In today's extremely competitive technology environment, we find Pipeline to be very useful on our larger and more difficult orders," said Phil Krauss, Head Trader at Harris Investment Management. "I tend to send Pipeline tougher orders, and our trade analysis has shown that their Alpha Pro solution has outperformed all of the other algorithmic based trading models we use.""We are pleased that our customers count on us to help them achieve high execution quality on their most challenging orders," said Pipeline CEO Fred Federspiel. "Timely completion of large, difficult trades is of great benefit to our clients, since their expectations of alpha capture drive the timing of order placement."Pipeline's suite of intelligent tools empowers traders to control difficult trades uniquely well and we believe this is reflected in the Ancerno study, which scored the difficulty of orders executed by Pipeline 24% higher than those of the broker with the second-highest score, and 53% higher than the average score of all other ranked brokers. These large margins indicate the significant difference in the difficulty of the average executed order entrusted to Pipeline versus its competitors.Difficult orders are those where traders are at greatest risk of losing control of execution to other market participants. In today's HFT-dominated markets, very large orders face great challenges. Not surprisingly, Pipeline's tools provide the greatest benefit when they are used to trade orders that represent a higher percentage of the stock's average daily volume.Traders use Pipeline's Alpha Pro(SM) to regain control of their trades, and extract good execution despite challenges such as large order size or high market volatility. At the point of trade, Alpha Pro gives traders strategy recommendations and information about factors driving the recommendations, using predictive analysis of current and historical market conditions. Traders get actionable insights exactly when they need them to decide how to trade each order, then they get the opportunity to execute using Pipeline's patented predictive Algorithm Switching Engine and large block crossing opportunities where appropriate.For more information about the at-trade analytic power of Alpha Pro, and how it can improve your desk's ability to capture alpha even when executing difficult orders, visit http://www.alphascience.com.For more information about Pipeline's entire suite of trader-empowering tools, visit http://www.pipelinetrading.com.About Pipeline
Pipeline serves institutional trading desks intent on maximizing their contribution to alpha capture. Pipeline is the only broker deploying order arrival analysis, custom strategy recommendation, trade implementation via predictive switching between best of breed algorithms, context-specific post-trade TCA, and the high probability of block liquidity. Pipeline helps institutional traders achieve significant improvement in execution performance in today's challenging liquidity environment. Pipeline is headquartered in New York with offices in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and London. Pipeline is a member of FINRA and SIPC. For more information, visit http://www.pipelinetrading.com.About Ancerno
Ancerno, Ltd. is a pioneer and leading provider of Trade Cost Analysis (TCA) software and consulting services. Ancerno products are used by over 500 firms worldwide through a network of resellers, distribution partners and strategic alliances. Ancerno's product suite includes pre-trade, real-time and post-trade measurement tools enabling clients to measure their trading through the entire trading lifecycle. For more information about Ancerno products, visit http://www.ancerno.com.Formerly part of Abel/Noser Corp., Ancerno was launched in 2007 as an independent, broker-neutral provider of TCA products and services.(1)Ancerno Broker Ranking Report, Q4 2009 to Q3 2010